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Wine Bottling Party
Wineries - Athens area    
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Emergency Information (for Visiting Hashers)
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Transport Information (for Visiting Hashers)
Transport Information (") - Specific


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Download example haberdash accounts

Download example annual accounts (MS Excel)

Download example 6-month accounts

Download example accounts for MM meeting

Download example hand-over accounts


Download a list of our newspaper adverts (MS Word)

Download a newspaper advert - Feb 2010 - Athens News (JPEG)

Download a newspaper advert with photo - Nov 2010 - Athens News (JPEG)

African Festival

Held annually (in early May on Saturday & Sunday) at the South African Ambassador's residence garden at:

Diamantidou 5, Paleo Psychico

Directions: Drive South on Kifissias Ave from Maroussi. Pass the Filothei B & A exits on right and turn right at FAROS junction (the area with the Umbrellas sculpture) & almost immediately right again into 25th March street (?). Drive down to the roundabout and go strait across. The road becomes Diamantidou street and No. 5 is on the left.

AGPU (Annual General Meeting)     

Download example-1 voting form (MS Word)

Download example-2 voting form (MS Word)

Athens Classic Marathon

Takes place on:
Sunday 3rd November, 2002
Sunday 2nd November, 2003  (also a test for the 2004 Olympic Games Marathon)

Two official runs:
-The Classic 42.195 Km run starting from Marathon (at 8.30 a.m.)   [Same as 1st modern (1896) Games]
-The 10 Km run starting from Ag. Paraskevi (at 9.00 a.m.)
Both ending at the Panathinaico (marble) stadium.

Marathon -> Tomb of Marathon-> Nea Makri-> Ag. Andreas-> Mati-> Pikermi-> Palini-> Stavros->
Ag. Paraskevi-> Holargos-> Papagou-> Marble Stadium

Official entry fee: Euro 100.00 for both the runs (Euro 25.00 discount if register 1 month before race). Free for Greek Nationals. Timing chips are supplied & tied to the runner's shoelace. Must cross 2 sensor-carpets at each end.

Buses depart from the Stadium for Marathon at 6.00 ->6.30 a.m. and for Ag. Paraskevi from 7.00->7.30

Standing Record Time (1969)
Bill Adcock (Coventry, Great Britain - then aged 27)   2:11:07
(The Athens organizers had invited the top 5 athletes from the high-altitude 1968 Mexico City Olympics)
(Bill Adcock attended the race in 2002 but did not run due to knee problems)

Results (2001)
1st Place: 2 hours 19.25 mins   (approx. 2 hrs 20 mins)
40th Place: 2 hours 56.38 mins  (approx. 3 hrs) ( about 40 mins after front runner) (approx 1 min lag / km)
1st Place:  2 hours 36.14 mins

Results (2002) [The 20th event - in memory of Grigoris Lambrakis, athlete]
1st Place: Mark Saina (Kenya) 2:18:20
2nd Place: John Moiben (Kenya) 2:18:45
3rd Place: Elijah Korir : 2:18:56
1st Place: Oberem 2:37:29
2nd Place: Giorgia Abatzidou (Greece)  2:47:22
3rd Place: Viktoria Zeuva (Russia) 2:49:24

Statistics (2002)
2,390 total participants.
1,250 non-Greek runners.
About 1,500 runners participated in the 10 Km run.

Further Information:



Athens Hash - 10 Km Marathon Information
For hashers wishing to run the 10 km from Ag. Paraskevi. Which time to start? You don't want to clash with the Marathon front runners (considered bad form!). So figure it this way:

Front runner takes approx. 2 hours 20 mins ( or 140 minutes) to complete whole course of 42 km - which gives an average time of approx. 3.3 mins per km.
Now distance from Marathon to Ag. Pareskevi is 42 km - 10 Km = 32 Km.
So time taken to get to Ag. Paseskevi is 32 Km x 3.3 mins/Km = 105.6 mins or 1 hour 45.6 mins.
Race starts at 08.30 so front runner arrives in Ag. Pareskevi at about 10.15 a.m. and the 40th runner arrives approx (32 km x 1 min lag/km) 32 mins later at about 10.47 a.m.

>>> So Athens Hashers starting at or after 11 a.m. from Ag. Pareskevi to run the last 10 km will avoid all the front runners and mingle with the stragglers from the full Marathon run. No problem!

NOTE: Most of us don't register. We just join in.  Of course, we don't get the t-shirts, medals, timing chips, etc. but that's ok.

10 Kilometre times (3 Nov. 2002) (Started from Ag. Paraskevi at 11.10 am)
Some of our times were:
Porn Ski: 37 mins.
Strawberry Foreskin, Spume, Nutz 'n' Honey, etc : 45 mins
Mad Dog & Golden Showers: 1 hour 03 mins

Athens Hashers - Official entries (we finally go legit)

2007 - More than 5 entries

2008 - 19 entries (11M, 8F)

2009 - 13 entries (7M, 6F)

Athens Fun Run (Organized by the Municipality of Athens & Carrefour)

Website for information & registration: http://www.gyrosathinas.gr/English/athens.htm

Also can register at most Carrefour & Champion-Marinoupolos stores. No entry fee. Obtain stick-on number & information leaflet.

The race (for charity) starts & finishes at the Old Marble Stadium ( called Kalimamara or Panathinaiko). Nearest metro station is Syntagma Square. Walk across the bottom of the National Gardens from here.
There is a
n 8 Km route for runners and a 3 Km route for walkers & disabled. Toilets are on the route & water will be supplied.

2004 - Special pre-Olympic run.
The race starts on Sunday, May 16th at 10.00 a.m.   Athens HHH participation (for 1st time).


Faxe beer
(premium larger beer imported from Denmark)
Cost at Supermarket per 1-litre can: Sklavanitis: Euro 2.09
, Carrefour: Euro 2.35, Vassiloupolos: Euro 2.52  (2003)

Cost from distributor (with club quantity discount & 20% gratis) [Early 2004]:
Euro 153.60
for 10 cases @ 12 L/case (=120 L)   i.e. Euro 1.28 / L
(Cost equivalent to Euro 0.426 per 330 ml can).

Without 20% gratis (Dec. 2004): Euro 172.80 for 10 cases or Euro 1.44 / L (i.e. equivalent to Euro 0.48 per 330 ml can)

Without 20% gratis (Feb. 2005): Euro 345.60 for 20 cases or Euro 1.44 / L (i.e. equivalent to Euro 0.48 per 330 ml can) (No change).

>>>> Order Faxe beer from Takis Pilarinos by e-mail at: pilarino@hol.gr
>>>> Contact Takis by phone through the distributer 'Deals' at Moraitini 20, 144-52 Metamorfosi on:
Tel: 210-285-3578 and by Fax: 210-285-3577

    -OR- on his office phone at 210-663-3504 -or- his mobile at : 694-247-4566

Payment to Deals by bank transfer to Alpha Bank A/C 360.00.2002002280 & Fax transfer receipt to Deals at 210-285-3577
(Must send money & receipt before they will deliver. Otherwise pay cash on delivery)

[NOTE: Our first order of Faxe was on 26 May 2003]

Comparative prices for various brands of beer sold in Sklavanitis Supermarket (March, 2003):
NOTE: Supermarket best price is for 6-pack (has bar code on plastic-wrap or cardboard packaging).

Brand Brewed in 6-pack price (Euro) Equiv. 330 ml price (Euro)
Amstel Greece 3.55 0.59
Buckler   3.74 0.62
Budweiser Italy ------ 0.85
Carlsberg Cyprus 3.70 0.61
Gosser Austria ------ 0.50
Heineken Greece 4.44 0.74
Kaiser   4.40 0.73
Mythos Greece 3.48 0.58
Orangeboom Holland 2.44 0.40
Stella Artois Greece 4.58 0.76
Coke, Sprite, Fanta Greece 2.58 0.43

Notes: Amstel beer also comes in 5-Litre metal barrels at Euro 10.70 per barrel
   -equivalent to Euro 2.14 / L or Euro 0.71 / 330 ml (Sklavanitis, Mar. 2003). Expensive!

Breast Cancer Charity Run
Susan Komen Foundation
Contact: Sophia, E-mail: Sophia@xaco.gr
Previous dates: Sunday 06 May, 2001, Sunday 14 April, 2002
Start: Syntagma Square, central Athens
Distance: 5 Km
Both runners & walkers may enter
Registration: On the day, before the run, in Syntagma Square (fee?)
Prizes for the winners
T-shirts given to participants
Gift bag of goodies given to all participants after the race
We traditionally meet at the Kalimarmara (Old) Stadium (for parking, circle, & taverna reasons) & walk to Syntagma Square

Bryan Gray (our founder)

Last known address:  50 Roman Way, Lechlade, Gloucestershire, UK. Tel 01367-252820

Athens Hash 1st run: Papagou, 2nd December, 1978

Christmas Card from Bryan Gray:  Xmas 2004

Burn's Night

Celebration supper at the Intercontinental Hotel, Scottish meal, piper, dancing with caller.
[25 January, 2003. Cost E55 ]
Contact: Ethel Martis on 22940 26443 or 6973 836103


AH3 Business card images 2004 & 2007 (jpeg)   

AH3 Cards v1 (MS Publisher)

Charities (our)

Dimiourgia School (For pupils with special needs)
Paggeou & Parnonos, Gerakas 153-44
Tel: 210-661-1278 & Tel/Fax: 210-604-7674
A.F.M. 095198369
Contact: Titsa Kollarou (Director)
(Presented 35mm Slide Projector to school on 24th January, 2003)

Chieftain's Evening

14th May 2010 (Friday), 8.00pm
Doukissis Plakentias 34, Halandri (very close to Platia Kennedy & 300metres from Halandri metro station)
Parking available
Tel: 210-684-0698

05th May 2006
The Taverna is at exit 10 for those of you coming from the Elefsina end
of the Attiki Odo and exit 10B for those coming from the Markopoulou
end. The closest train station is "IRINI" on the old green line, from
where one could walk (as the owner of the taveran says), although I do
not think that it is very close. Alternatively "IRAKLIO" station, again
on the old green line, is also close and there is a taxi rank as well.
There will be plenty of parking in the AB supermarket that is next to
the taverna.

"STEKI TIS YEFSIS" restaurant at 9p.m.
Kymis & Skoufa, Irakleio
210 2840 555 210 2848 378
(next to AB Bassilopoulos supermarket).
For a map click here: http://www.standrewssociety.gr/Events3map.html

Sarah Gilhespie
St. Andrew's Society

Cloth award badges

Click on the links below to display our award badge sets. These images could be sent to a manufacturer for a re-order:

The badges are 3 inches ( approx 7.7 cm) in diameter.

Images (grouped) for viewing badges:

 25-200 run badges       250-350 run badges        400-500 run badges     25-700 run badges    750-950 run badges     Other badges

Images (individual) for sending (attaching to an e-mail) to badge manufacturer for a reorder......

(NOTE: To save the image for later e-mail attaching- just right-click your mouse on the image, select SAVE PICTURE AS with left mouse click, then choose the drive & directory to save the image to using the pop-up dialogue box)

 25 run badge      50 run badge      75 run badge      100 run badge      150 run badge      200 run badge   

250 run badge 
   300 run badge      350 run badge    400 run badge      450 run badge     500 run badge 

750 run badge     800 run badge      850 run badge     900 run badge      950 run badge           

Visitor's badge    

Designs:    550 run badge     600 run badge     650 run badge     700 run badge 

750 run badge     800 run badge     850 run badge     900 run badge     950 run badge    1000 run badge

Visitor's badge-1      Visitor's badge-2         

Our badge background colours:
25         Dark Green
50         Red
75         Navy Blue
100       White
150       Light Yellow
200       Light Purple
250       Orange
300       Light Blue
350       Purple
400       Medium Blue
450       Navy Blue background, red rim
500       Dark Yellow
550-1000       Black

Greek Badge Suppliers:

Pinto Promotional Workware ( Panagi Tsallari 3, Melissia ... opposite the post office. Tel: 210-613-3963 E-mail: pinto@otenet.gr)

(Dec. 2004) for 25 run badges:
100 @ 4.50 Euros each... Setup charge 65 Euros (get to keep program data disk for future repeat order)
This equates to a price of 5.15 Euros each!

UK Badge Manufacturers:

Franklins International Ltd. (UK) (Largest dedicated woven badge manufacturer in Europe)
Web: http://www.franklins.co.uk/index.htm      E-mail: info@franklins.co.uk

Pinpoint Badges & Promotions (UK)
Web: http://www.pinpointbadges.com      E-mail: sales@pinpointbadges.com

Quote (Dec. 2004) for 25 run badges:
50 @ 1.57 Pounds each... 50.00 Pounds origination (i.e. machine setup charge)
100 @ 1.57 Pounds each (i.e. 2.22 Euros @ 1.41 rate)... NO origination (no setup charge)
3 weeks lead time. Carriage charge to Greece extra.

A&G Badges (UK)
Web: http://www.agbadgeandemblems.co.uk     E-mail:  sales@agbadgeandemblems.co.uk

Thailand Badge Manufacturers:

(Jan. 2005) for 25 run badges: Euro 2.20 pp for 100 pieces [through Spanish Fly's brother]

Taiwan Badge Manufacturers:
     [THE BEST]

Contact companies through the site: http://www.ttnet.net

Ming Huang Auto-Embroidering Co., Ltd
No. 40, Alley 41, Lane 116, Ching-Ing Street
Su-Lin City,
Taipei Hsien,
Taiwan R.O.C. 238
Contact: Jack Wei
Tel: 886-2-2687-2239     Fax: 886-2-2687-2293      Cellphone: 0935-202841
E-mail: mh0903@ms18.hinet.net

Quote (Jan. 2005) for 3-inch diameter 25 run badges (not 100% embroidered):
50 pcs: US$1.06/pc (Euro 0.82/pc),   100 pcs: US$0.71/pc (Euro 0.55/pc)
Minimum order quantity: Any quantity, even 1 pc
Sample availability / price: $30 for the tape charge (if you approve it without any changes, you can deduct it from the amount)
Delivery lead time: 5-7 work-days.
Shipment by Fedex (approx USD 30.00) or EMS (approx USD 18.00) for 100 pcs.
Accepted payment methods:
- Telegraphic Transfer (TT) ... difficult ..Only Greek National Bank (and Post Office?) at present (2005)
- Bank Cashiers cheque  (sent by registered post)  [Note: keep cheque counterfoil & postal receipt in case of loss in post]
- Bank Demand Draft  (sent by registered post)
Quality: Industrial washable threads are used in the manufacture of the patches (badges) - so colours won't run

SEND: Jpeg images of the badges to be made (download images from this page - above)
SPECIFY: Badge diameter (our standard is 3-inches)    -AND-   if they are to have "iron-on" adhesive backs.
SEND: Your home phone number for the courier to contact you for delivery
REQUEST: That the package customs label be marked as a "Sample"
REQUEST: The EMS tracking number (to trace package in case it does not arrive)

Order #1 (March 2005)
For: 100 x 25 run badges -plus- 50 x 50 run badges ($1.06/pc x 50pcs + $0.71/pc x 100pcs = USD124.00 = Euro 94.00)
Manufacturing cost: Euro 94.00
Shipping cost: Euro 18.00
Total cost: Euro 112.00

-Payment method: Bank cashiers cheque (made out to Ming Huang Auto-Embroidering Co., Ltd) for Euro 112.00 (Alpha Bank)
-Cashier's cheque commission: Euro 15.00 - bringing bank charge to Euro 127.00
-Sent by registered post (cost Euro 3.00) on 11th March 2005
-Total cost: 112 + 15 + 3 = Euro 130.00 (equivalent to 130 / 150 = Euro 0.86 per badge)
-Badges shipped on 11 March 2005 by EMS courier from Taiwan before payment sent!
-Badges received in Melissia on 16 March 2005
-Delivered by local EMS agent ELTA (Tel: 800-118-3000) (Call 210-607-3034/5 for delivery arrangement in Northern suburbs)

-Quality: Excellent

Order #2 (April 2005) (To Jack Wei mh0903@ms18.hinet.net )
10 pcs of the 650 run badge ---> Plus
10 pcs of the 700 run badge ---------combined price Euro 53.00
50 pcs of our classic 3-1/2" badge ---------------price Euro 57.50
EMS shipping ------------------------------------------cost Euro 12.00
TOTAL -------------------------------------------------------- Euro 122.50

-Payment method: Bank cashiers cheque 
(made out to Ming Huang Auto-Embroidering Co., Ltd) for Euro 122.50 (Alpha Bank)
-Cashier's cheque commission: Euro 15.00 bringing bank charge to Euro 137.50
-Sent by registered post (cost Euro 3.00) on 8th April 2005
-Total cost: 122.50 + 15 + 3 = Euro 140.50 (equivalent to 140.50 / 70 = Euro 2.00 per badge)

Order #3 (given 17th February 2009) (To Jack Wei mh0903@ms18.hinet.net )

Requirement: 210 badges of 13 different designs, iron-on adhesive backs
Manufacturing & shipping cost: Euro 215.31
Cost of Eurobank cashier's cheque: Euro 4.50
Cost of posting check by registered mail: Euro 3.20
Greek customs duty (paid on parcel delivery to house): Euro 6.0

(NOTE: Patches with heat-seal backing. The used temperature is about 125 C, 5-10 sec depending on the material)

The following is a copy of some of the e-mail messages involved in the order:

12th February 2009

Dear Jack (or your present Sales Manager),
You may remember that your company made me an order of cloth badges (patches) in Mar/Apr 2005 for which my sports club (Athens Hash House Harriers, Athens, Greece) were very pleased.
I would like a quote for the following patches (in US Dollars AND Euros).
The JPEG images for these badges are attached.
The badges are 3 inches in diameter (as before) and to have iron-on adhesive backs.

Badge (runs) .... Quantity
150                    20
200                    30
250                    20
300                    20
350                    10
400                    20
450                    20
500                    20
750                    10
800                    10
850                    10
900                    10
950                    10

Total:                210 patches (i.e. cloth badges)


Jack's reply:

I know this is a difficult economic time. So I offer a best way for you:
$0.74/pc x 210pcs + $10.0/version x 12 versions = USD 275.40       [NOTE: Quote in USA dollars]

3", 200pcs range with iron-on backing is $0.74/pc. Totl is 13 versions, we charge $10.0 for add a version.
Average is about USD1.31/pc.


Jack's reply (in red) to further questions:

The committee are pleased with your per-piece manufacturing charge but wonder why there is a 10 dollar charge for each badge (patch) variation when there are only 2 basic designs with usually just one digit change in design between each badge. Can you make any price adjustment for this?

If you just asked only one version. Our 3" price should be $3.25/pc for 10pcs, $2.10/pc for 20pcs. $1.70/pc for 30pcs.
I know it is a expensive price for you.
To add $10.00 for each add version is a best way for you.
$0.74/pc is for 200pcs, same design, same colors.
The number is different for each version and color is different for most of versions.
So we must make different digital tape for each versions.
And we also must make more for each version (Our machine made 20pcs for each time. When you asked 10pcs, we must make 20pcs.)
That's why we add $10.00 for each add version.
Is ok?
Also, would you accept a Euro-denominated bank cashier's cheque sent by post as before? If so , could you quote the price in Euros as well as USD please?
The rate is 1.2791. So USD275.40 = EUD215.31
Send by EMS courier as before would be fine. Add this to the quote?
The price is include freight (include EMS charge). So the total is EUD215.31.
Please give EMS my phone number in Athens so that they can arrange delivery.  Otherwise I may be out and miss their delivery.
Also, please send EMS tracking number so I can trace the package from this end if necessary.
Presume I would address the cheque as before (made out to Ming Huang Auto-Embroidering Co., Ltd) to:

Ming Huang Auto-Embroidering Co., Ltd
No. 40, Alley 41, Lane 116, Ching-Ing Street
Su-Lin City,
Taipei Hsien,
Taiwan R.O.C. 238

The address is right.


17th February 2009

Dear Robert,
Thanks. We ship it on 2/27.
Best regards,
Ming Huang  Jack Wei

19th February

Dear Jack,

I have purchased the cashier's cheque for this order and will post it to you tomorrow by registered mail.
Scan of cheque attached.
Many thanks,

25th February:

Dear Robert,

Just to inform you, we sent your order ATHENS HASH today by EMS courier. The tracking number is EE476717463TW.----------------------

16th March 2009

Dear Robert,

After I checked with Taiwan's post office, because you need to pay the custom tax, so the shipment is still in Greek customs.

Please try this website to contact with Greece EMS:

Best regards

Ming Huang  
David Wei


Dear Jack,

I am very pleased to say that your shipment of patches arrived today Friday 27th March (from the Greek customs).
The Greek post office courier branch Porta-e-Porta delivered the parcel. These are the EMS agents here.

There was just   6 Euro duty to pay.

The patches are excellent!  Thank you very much.
Best regards,

Order #4 (given 3rd February 2010) (To Jack & David Wei mh0903@ms18.hinet.net )

Quote from Jack Wei & David (for 100 & 200 of 3-inch Visitor's badges)

3", iron-on backing 
The price is USD$0.74/pc for 200pcs.
Total:USD0.74*200=USD$148=EUR106.01    (OK'd & Ordered on 3rd February 2010)
The price is USD$1.09/pc for 100pcs. 

Reply after order confirmed and notes sent on 3rd Feb 2010:

Dear Robert
Will ship it on 2/11/ 2010.
IMPORTANT NOTE 1: Please leave a sufficient gap between the words  I and RAN on the badge as I have done - else they merge together to make the word IRAN which we don't want.ok.
IMPORTANT NOTE 2: If you can, please mark the package "Samples" otherwise they may get stuck in the Athens customs for over a month like last time. They charged me no customs duty even then.ok.
Also, would you accept a Euro-denominated bank cashier's cheque sent by post as before?  ok.
However, I have a PayPal account if you want the money sent this way.
Send by EMS courier as before would be fine. ok.
Please give EMS my phone number in Athens (+30-210-804-8482) so that they can arrange delivery.  Otherwise I may be out and miss their delivery.ok.
Also, please send EMS tracking number so I can trace the package from this end if necessary.ok.
Presume I would address the envelope for the cheque as before (made out to Ming Huang Auto-Embroidering Co., Ltd) to:

Ming Huang Auto-Embroidering Co., Ltd
No. 40, Alley 41, Lane 116, Ching-Ing Street
Su-Lin City,
Taipei Hsien,
Taiwan R.O.C. 238
It is right.
Best regards

Ming Huang  
David Wei


Summarizing the (above) order for 200 Visitors badges:

-Eurobank Cashier's cheque commission: Euro 4.50 bringing bank charge to Euro 110.51
-Sent by registered post (cost Euro 3.00) on 5th Feb. 2010
-Total cost: 106.01 + 4.50 + 3 = Euro 113.51 (equivalent to 113.51 / 200 = Euro 0.56 per badge)

NOTE1: Large quantities on a single design work out at a low cost per badge.

NOTE2: Eurobank charge just 4.50 for a cashier's cheque against 15.00 at Alpha Bank .

Order # 5 (January 2015)

For 200 Visitor's badges ( + quote for a few 1000-run badges in case MG reaches this next year).

Note: Taiwan prices the badges in USD and since 2010 the dollar has appreciated against the euro. Was 1.39 USD to 1 Euro, now is 1.19 USD to 1 Euro - or an approx 16% increase in price due to the exchange rate.

Quote from Ming Huang Co.    (David Wei) on 9th January 2015    ( E-mail as before: mh0903@ms18.hinet.net )

3" visitor's badges  iron-on back. 
The price is USD$0.84/pc for 200pcs.
The price is USD$1.2/pc for 100pcs. 
3" 1000 runs iron-on back 
The price is USD$6.3/pc for 5pcs.
The price is USD$4.9/pc for 10pcs. 

Best regards

Ming Huang  
David Wei

NOTE: Because of increased prices, decided just to order the 200 visitor's badges.

12th January 2015

Dear David,
Thank you for your quote.
I would like you to make 200 pieces of the 3-inch diameter Visitor's badge (attached image) at a total cost of  EUR 141.70 as per your quote.   (I should point out however that our previous order in 2009 for the same badge design with slightly different colour and same quantity was charged at just EUR 106.01 )
We have decided to order the 1000 run badge at a later date.

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: Please leave a sufficient gap between the words  I and RAN on the badge as I have done - else they merge together to make the word IRAN which we don't want.
IMPORTANT NOTE 2: If you can, please mark the package "Samples" otherwise they may get stuck in the Athens customs for over a month like last time. They charged me no customs duty even then.
Also, would you accept a Euro-denominated bank cashier's cheque sent by post as before? 
However,  I have a PayPal account if you want the money sent this way as it is faster and safer.
Or by direct bank-to-bank transfer if that is better. Just let me know the way you prefer.
Send by EMS courier as before would be fine.
Please give EMS my phone number in Athens so that they can arrange delivery. 
Also, please send EMS tracking number so I can trace the package from this end if necessary.

Kind regards,

Robert Horne

13th January 2015

Dear Robert
Thanks for your confirmation.
3" Visitor's badge 200PCS.
We will ship it on 1/23 by EMS.
By direct bank-to-bank transfer
Account number: 20340000343
Best regards
Ming Huang  
David Wei

14th January 2015

Dear David,
Just to let you know that I performed the bank transfer procedure today.
Please advise when you receive the funds so that I know the transfer was successful.
Kind regards,

The total cost for 200 visitor's badges was as follows:

Internet bank transfer from AH3 Eurobank account of  141.70 euro + 17 euro commission for the bank + 15 euro beneficiarys bank charges gives:

Total = 173.70 euros       i.e. 173.7 / 200 = 0.86 euros per cloth badge.

NOTE: A 16% increase in price (due to euro/dollar exchange rate) on the 2010 cost to us of a visitor's badge of 0.56 euro would give a cost of 0.65 euros per badge. To this would need to be added the cost of bank charges (Versus cost of a cashier's cheque) and the increase in cost of production since then.



Global Trash also provides embroidered patches to hashes around the world. When you take into account all the charges from this and other vendors (including setup charges), you will find we compete with just about anyone out there. If you have a legitimate bid from a vendor that beats our prices (and this one does not beat ours after setup charge is figured in), Princess will confirm the bid
and probably beat it.

We get our patches directly from an Asian factory, with no middle man or import-export firm taking part of the profit. So all profits are funneled back into the free information services we provide to hashers around the world, such as the world on-line directory, free websites and more for hashers. So when you buy from us, you are helping hashers around the world
at the same time.

We hope you will look at the marketplace site linked from the site below for any haberdashery needs first. If you do not see it, email us and we may be able to find it for you. You save money and we keep helping hashers with your money. Thanks.

Stray Dog       (30th June 2005)

Global Trash, 402 Wendy Circle, Ragland, AL 35131 USA
Tel: 1-205-472-3935
North America 1-800-736-4274
Fax: 1-205-472-4274
The World HHH Home Page: http://www.gthhh.com/
USA Nash Hash 2006 in Arizona: http://www.usanashhash.org/

[ NOTE: There were some reported grumblings at Cardiff Interhash about Stray Dog's late deliveries ]

Con Artists

Beware of the following characters who have or may turn up in Athens and prey on our hashers.

Dai Harvey

Has been in Athens, conned people into giving him free lodging, borrowed money from hashers, ran a magazine scam (collecting money for advertisments), left bar tabs & hotel bills unpaid & finally absconded with a substantial Rugby Club club charity fund.

Somehow managed to avoid being photographed or included in a photograph.

Pat O'Connell     (Click for more details)

Aliases: Pat Hollis / Pat Luckett Hash names: Pugwash/ Rabbit Ebay: Irishdork


Introduces himself as: polo player/ polo pony buyer/ polo club developer/ investment guru/ buying agent/ hasher who's wallet/ everything was stolen/ is out of funds due to bank transfer not having arrived yet.

Yacht skipper based in Trinidad / entrepreneur based in Dominica
Bass player with the band "Style Council" - mentioned "Live Aid" a lot!
Mixed Irish/ English with British passport.

Police contacts:
UK, Metropolitan Police. PC Nick Walton PC431HT Nicholas.Walton@met.police.uk
USA, Det. Michael Solow Constable-1850@JUNO.com or solo@polonews.com

Jose "Fuccoffee" Flores   (Click for more details)

His methods:

On one hand he "borrows" money but without the intention to pay it back. He also steals money or tries to find out your PIN number of your cash card. In the beginning he borrows small amounts of money and pays it back, he does that several times. Then he borrows a bigger amount, often pretending he lost his credit cards (does he have any???), and be sure you will never see your money again!

On the other hand he tries to satisfy his sexual drive by making naive women completely drunk (and stoned) to be able to abuse them reckless! Obviously he does not even care about HIV - he rarely uses condoms, though all we know now about him, he really should!

Usually he combines both intentions and reaches these goals with the same person. i.e. He hooks up with a woman and makes her to pay for his expenses and after gaining her trust steals money from her - in one way or the other.

Coach Hire

Christianakis Travel Ltd.
3 Stadiou Street, Syntagma Square, Athens 10562
Tel: 010-322-1483/4
Fax: 010-322-1486
Catherine Karagianni (Operator Manager)
(used for ski trips)

Karagiannis Pipinis Travel
2 Kanari Street (opposite Flying Dolphins), Aegina 18010
Tel: 0297-28780, 25664
Fax: 0297-28779
Mob: 0932-645432
E-mail: pipinis@hellasnet.gr and pipinis@otenet.gr
(used for coach for Bookmaker's 500th run)

Subject: bus request for 16-18APRIL 50 Seated (Mycenae - Olympic Prelube quote)

Further to your request for 50 seater Bus 16-18/04 we can offer you 1200 Euro + 8% FPR
If you wish to do a booking please inform us as soon as possible.
Katerina Kiourtsidou
TEL 2310-239372
FAX 2310-280430

The company we finally used for Mycenae (16-18th July, 2004):

Alfred's Tours
(Alfred Charikiopoulos )
Tel: 210 360 3002
E-mail: alfreds@hellasnet.gr

Quoted (35-seater bus): Euro 810+ 8% VAT = 874.80

Branch : 104 Syntagma
IBAN : GR 41 0110 1040 0000 10 44 7087 411 Alfred's tours.

Previous coach-hire costs

Ski Weekend 2002 ( a whole weekend Sat 5.00 a.m. to Sun night 9.00 p.m. 36 seater) -  620 Euros


South African Embassy (& garden)
(For African Food & Handicrafts Festival) (Mid-May)
Paleo Psychico

Emergency Numbers & information (for Visiting Hashers)

Ambulance Service: 166  (May take patient to nearest duty emergency hospital. Ask!).
PRIVATE Ambulances (expensive) to private hospitals (good, but expensive):
......Athens Medical Centre Tel: 210-686-2393, Hygia Tel: 210-686-7000

KAT Public Hospital
- By car: look for sign & left turn just before entering Kifissia, Ask the guard on the gate to let you drive in. Can often find somewhere to park in the back. Don't block the ambulances!
- By Train: about 400 metres from the KAT Electrico or ISAP station (ask for KAT).
Location of the Emergency Entrance: Where the ambulances go up the ramp.
......Specializing in broken bones, sprains, and all injuries but  will treat almost anything, anytime. Fast X-rays, EKG's, sonagrams, blood tests ... and inexpensive!
- Go in, find a wheelchair and bring it out to your patient (assuming they need one).
- Be patient & understanding, the staff are very experienced and they work very hard.
  .....They have to give priority to life-threatening cases which arrive unexpectedly.
- The TAMEO is where you pay. You take the counterfoil back to the admitting nurse.

SOS Doctors (24 hr): 1016
* Emergency services information (in English & French): 112
Duty Emergency Hospitals (Athens): (These change daily): Tel: 1434 (Recording)

   -OR-    See International Herald Tribune (near back) -OR- Tel: 106
for information.
Poison Center: 210-779-3777
Tourist Police: 171   (outside Athens dial 210-171) *   [Should give advise on most things]
Police: 100
Fire Dept: 199
ELPA Road Assistance: 104
Express Service Road Assistance: 154
Aliens Bureau (Residence & work permits, etc): 210-770-5711

Flag (Our AH3 Flag)

The flag (Seamea in Greek) was made at:

SCRIPTA T-shirts
Solomos 125
Tel: 210-380-1247
E-mail: scripta@otenet.gr

(Ordered by Beat Me Up Scottie. Heavy white fabric. Cost around Euro 30.00 in 2005)


Download our classic advertising flyer v1 (MS Word)    

Download our classic advertising flyer v2 (MS Word)    

Download our classic advertising flyer v3 (MS Word)     

Download AH3 article text for future flyer (MS Word)   

Hotel Information (for Visiting Hashers)

Information can be from the following websites (and others):
http://www.filoxenia.gr   (hotels on mainland & islands)
http://www.gogreece.com   (large range of information)
http://www.hol.gr   (hellas on line)

Click here for a list of accommodation & hotels in Athens

Click here for a useful information sheet


Jason Inn Hotel

Tel: 210-325-1106 (desk)
Tel: 210-520-2491 (reservations)
E-mail: davros@otenet.gr (reservations by e-mail)

Notes: Very close to Thission Metro Station & near the historical & shopping centre of Athens.
Area not too pretty, but hotel economical, clean & nice, etc.

Special Olympic Year Note: Double rooms will cost Euro 110 for mid-July, 2004 (book before end of January).

>> A Hasher's testimonial (May, 2003): Its quite cheap if sharing, UKP (£) 64 for two including breakfast. Rooms are clean, air conditioning, close to the Plaka, nice view of the Acropolis at breakfast!

Download Jason Inn Hotel location map

President Hotel
Kifissias Avenue
Tel: 210 698 9000
(handy for CRAFT Micro Brewery)

Athinais Hotel
Vassilis Sofias
Tel: 210 643 1133
(handy for Mike's Irish Bar - Live Music)

Note: Both Hotels (above) are fairly accessible by Metro -- also very easy by taxi (from airport about 20 euro) and just a bit out of the busy city centre - but accessible by a short bus/metro ride.

Sofitel Athens Airport
Athens International Airport   190 19 Spata
Tel: +30-210-354-4000 Fax: 354-4444
E-mail: H3167@accor-hotels.com
Website: www.sofitel.com

(Short walk to Airport. For Hashers not on a budget who need to catch an early flight)

Hash Flash

Guidelines for the Hash Flash

Interhash 2004 Prelube - Athens
This event took place in Mycenae, Peloponnese, Greece from Friday 16th to Sunday 18th July, 2004.

Download preliminary itinerary

Island Weekend Checklist

This checklist is a MS Word document and should be printed-out & taken when visiting an island or weekend venue to ensure no details are overlooked. Else a second visit may be required!

Download Checklist

Island Weekend Consumption & Statistics

Here are some facts from our recent package weekends:

Package:                          Tinos 2001 Skopelos 2001 Aegina 2002 Poros 2002 Agistri 2003 Evia 2003 Mycenae 2004  NAXOS 2005
Package Cost ? (2nts)    93 95 117 122 99 125 99 110
Ferry (Fast Cat typ)         54 54 18 27 24? Inc bus Inc bus 70
No attending                    45? 75(ish) ? 20 (de-lux hotel) 75+ 37 35
Total inc ferry (fast)        147 149 135 149 123 125 99 180 (or with slow boat=110+45=155)

Below is typical effect of inflation taking base of 100 at Tinos. Est inflation rate 5% pa
Shows that Tinos would compare with ?178 at todays prices.
Inflation @ 5%pa start base 100 100 (147) 102.5 105 110..25 115.5 121.3 (178)

Our two recent (wrt March 2005) pay-as-you-go weekends seemed cheaper but extrapolating (comparing like with like):

(Based on 2 nights) Aegina 2004 P Germano 2005
Hotel                          35 35
Friday meal              15 12?
Sat meal                   15 15
Sunday Meal            15 12
Hash fee                     5  3
Transport                 22 10 (?)
Total:                      107 (?) 85 ish

So actually similar prices.

AGISTRI (Club) May Friday 9 - Sunday 11, 2003

Total attendees: 71 Adults, 9 Children.
Weather : 25-30+ degs C. (warm, hot during most of the day)

-Friday circle
-Saturday pre-run water, beer/softies/water stop & circle
-Sunday pre-run water, beer/softies/water stop & circle

Beer consumed (only at hash functions, forbidden in club/hotel as they had own bar):   

28 cases of 24 cans of 330 ml each (mixed Amstel / Heiniken beer). = 672 cans
... so Average consumption = 672 / 71 = 9.5 cans of beer per adult hasher over the weekend.
( i.e. 9.5 x 1/3 Litre = approx. 3.2 Litres per hasher )

Water consumed:

12 cases of 24 small plastic bottles of .... ml each. = 288 bottles
....so Average consumption = 288 / 71 = 4.0 bottles water per adult hasher over the weekend
[NOTE: Only just enough water. None given before Friday eve. run & it was needed!]

Soft drinks consumed:

4 cases
(mixed) of 24 cans of 330 ml each = 96 cans (both adults & children consumed these)
....So average
consumption = 96 / 81 = 1.2 cans soft drinks per attendee over the weekend

EVIA (Pefki) Island Weekend - September Friday 26- Sunday 28, 2003

Total attendees:
40 Adults, 0 Children.
Weather :
20-25+ degs C. (Warm. Rain & cloudy early Saturday morning. Sunny later + on Sunday)

-1 refreshments stop (beer & soft drinks) on coach on way to Pefki
-IMPORTANT NOTE: No Friday run or circle
(late arrival due to 4-hour coach drive from Syngrou Park parking lot - set off from there at 5.30pm)
-Saturday pre-run water, no refreshment stop, circle outside hotel
-Sunday pre-run water,
no refreshment stop, circle on the beach

-1 refreshments stop (beer & soft drinks) on coach on way back to Athens

Beer consumed
8 cases of Faxe beer (each case holds 12 litre cans) = 96 litres (equivalent to 3 x 96 = 288 cans)
So average consumption over whole weekend per hasher = 96/40 = 2.4 litres
Equivalent to 7.2  cans (of 330 ml) per adult hasher over the whole weekend.

Water consumed

Soft drinks consumed

Island Weekend Hotels

Skliri, Agistri Island, Greece 18010
Tel: + 22970 91242    Fax: +22970-91367
Bryan: (Mob) 693-260-7308   E-mail: agistriclub@hellasnet.gr
Website: http://users.hellasnet.gr/agistriclub & http://www.agistriClub.com

Panorama Hotel
Aghia Marina
(If you take the path on the right of the pier, it's approximately 200 metres away. It's a yellow building on the sea front).
Transportation to Aghia Marina:
(1) Ferries from Piraeus (Pier D) about every 4 hours to late afternoon.
(2) Ferry to from Piraeus to Aegina main town (much more frequent) & take the bus (Euro 1.50) or taxi (Euro 7.00) from near the port. Can also small ferry from the port.

Marmarinos Hotel (22970-23519) - 16 rooms - Clerk: Spiros
Electra Hotel (22970-24826, 693-872-6441) - 6 rooms  (next to Marmarinos) - Owner: John Goumas
Aegina town, Aegina
Directions: Coming from ferry, turn right, walk along beachside road for about 100 metres, then see a Bank of Pireaus & and Alpha Bank at the entrance to a side street on your left (Leon. Lada). Go up this side street and you will see Hotel Marmarinos large sign staright ahead on top of the hotel. The Electra is another 20 metres on the right.
Note: No breakfast included. Room rate charged 40 Euro (Sept 2005) - but legal rate on back of door said 35 Euro.

Poros Image Hotel
Poros Island, Greece
Tel: (0298) 022-216 / 8   Fax: (0298) 025-725 E-mail: porosimage@hit360.com   
WWW: hit360.com/porosimage/

Dimitra Apartments
(Yiannis & Dimitra Xerakia)
Paralia Tyrou (Tyros)
Tel: 27570-41653 Mob: 697-782-8770 & 694-882-2610
Euro 45 per night for a double room with extra bed in the kitchen area (2009)




Hotel CHRISSI AKTI (C-Class)
- in Batsi, Andros Island, Cyclades
On the beach. Pool. Bar, Terrace with sea view, Internet access, 61 spacious sunliunits
Tel: 210-970-4839 from 10.00 to 14.00 (Despoina Tounts - Reservation manager)
Fax: 210 970-4489

Quoted group rate of Euro 25/pp/pn with breakfast and 1 meal (in 2004) (To The Bookmaker)

Large Venues

Venues suitable for a large gathering & with facilities for music / band:
(Also see Chieftain's night for more venues)

Click here to download "STEKI TIS YEFSIS" restaurant details and map

ALSO: See Mustang Stables section.

Leoforos Pendelis 33 and Kithiron 4
Melissia (border with Vrilissia)
Tel: 210-613-5296 & 210-804-3315

(Venue for the Celtic Gathering, 30th April, 2004)
(Has stage for musicians & sound system with microphone)
(Has live music Fri & Sat nights & is popular, so need to book well in advance for these nights)

Directions: Coming up Pendelis Avenue from Halandri (heading towards Pendeli) pass the Attiki Odos junction & continue up a kilometer or so - until you pass the Jumbo store in Vrilissia on the right. Get in the left lane. Immediately after Jumbo on the right is a DIA Supermarket. Turn left here into Kithiron. The Taverna is on the right and has it's own parking area.

If you reach the traffic lights (at the old Antenna Farm, now DEH substation) where Leo. Dimokratias from Melissia crosses Leo. Pendelis & continues right to Gerakas - you have gone too far.

Estiatorio ELLINIKON
Ag. Paraskevis 124, Halandri
Tel: 210-682-3394, 210-681-9585
Features: Moat around the restaurant with swans, ducks, etc. that can be viewed through the windows.
(St. Andrews society use this for Scottish Dancing nights).

From Ag. Paraskevi (Mesogion Avenue):
Take the main road (leading directly to Ag. Paraskevis Avenue) which is on the opposite side of Mesogion Avenue from the Ag. Paraskevi square. Continue on this road until you spot the First Cars Mercedes dealership on your right. Get immediately into the left lane and then the left-turn lane and make a U-turn (be careful of fast oncoming traffic) when you see the Sklavenitis supermarket on your right. You are now travelling in the opposite direction... towards Ag. Paraskevi.

On the right you will now see the Ellinikon restaurant (see the sign with the sailing boat). You may be able to park on the pavement before you reach the restaurant if there is space left. Otherwise, there is a car park behind the restaurant (their own) but to reach it you must continue a way down the main road until you find the first road on your right. Turn in here, then retrace back to the restaurant along a narrow road. The car park is on the left. You can enter the restaurant from the rear.

Ag.Paraskevis Street 110,

Directions: Go down the dual-carriageway taking you to D. Plakendias Metro stn. Continue on straight & then pass Ag. Paraskevi metro station. Continue on straight until you arrive at Platia Kennedy in Halandri. Turn sharp, backturning LEFT into Ag. Paraskevis St. and "1920" is about 150m up the street on the right. For parking, pass it and turn right at next narrow street.
NOTE: Pretty lighted garden. Suitable for wedding receptions & parties.

Bayern Bierhaus
Christoforou Nezer 19, Glyfada.
Tel: 210-894-4439
E-mail: bayern@ath.forthnet.gr
Web: http://www.athens-life.com/bayern
(Good place for meetings + food/drink)

Directions: Drive down Leo. Vouliagmenis towards the sea. After passing City Plaza on the left, immediately look for little church (Ag.Nikolaous) on the right & turn right here. Take first street on the left (Demistokleous street), then the second street on the right (Nezer Chr.). Bayern is on the right hand side.

Leaving Certificate

Download a sample leaving certificate (MS Word document) and modify as appropriate. You will need to obtain the number of runs completed and the number of trails set by the leaver (from Hash Cash) for inclusion in the certificate.

Download Leaving Certificate

The file is large so be patient while it downloads. Then copy & paste into MS Word, if desired.


Athens Hash Logos

(For use in Hash documents, t-shirts, etc)

Logo #1 (Standard logo)

Logo #2 (Slightly coloured)

Logo #3 (Full coloured - 6cm diameter)

Logo #4 (Full coloured - 20cm diameter)

Logo #5 (Slightly coloured)

Logo #6 (Classic logo)

NOTE: The logos can be resized in MS-Word (or Photoshop) to the dimensions you require.


Mugs - Athens Hash 25 & 50 Run Mugs

Design #1  (FRONT: 25-run, 8x8 cm - actual size)

Design #2  (25-run, 17x17 cm - hi-res image)

Design #3  (FRONT: 50-run, 8x8 cm - actual size)

Design #4  (50-run, 17x17 cm - hi-res image)

Design #5  (BACK: AH3 Coloured Logo, 6 cm diameter - actual size was made 8 cm diameter)

Design #6  (AH3 Coloured Logo, 20 cm - hi-res image)

The mugs are white earthenware (with optional coloured handle and line around the rim)

The max. esthetic looking image height is 8 cm. The image was 8 cm x 8 cm square.

The Logo was made 8 cm diameter to match the image on the front and this looked better than the planned 6 cm diameter.

Photo #1   (25 & 50 run mugs)

Photo #2   (25 & 50 run mugs)

Photo #3   (25 & 50 run mugs)

Photo #4   (25 & 50 run mugs)

Ordered through:

Photo Experts, 17th November street 6-10, 151-27 Ano Melissia. Tel: 210-810-3020, Fax: 210-810-3063

e-mail: adamistudio@yahoo.gr

Graphics images (downloadable from above) supplied on a CD-ROM.

12 x 25 run mugs and 8 x 50 run mugs (total 20 mugs @ 10 euro each = 200 euro).

Delivered on 16th March - 1 week to make.

Pick-up Points

For Island weekends using a hired coach.

Departure times-

(1) Kalimarmaro (old Olympic) Stadium (4.30 pm)

(2) AB Vasiloupolos (Psychico) (5.00 pm)

(3) Syngrou Park car park (Maroussi) 5.30 pm

(4) McDonalds (Kifissia) 5.45 pm

Pegasus Polo Club

Thesi-Patima, 194-00 Koropi, Greece
Tel: 02910-22067
Mob: 0937-515-632
e-mail: pegasuspologr@hotmail.com
(Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer - Charity Polo Match - Sun. 19th May, 2002)


Where we get our ceramic mugs & tankards made:

Mr. Simos
Tel: 210-619-6295
Address: Sinas #5, Maroussi, Athens
(Note: Sinas is perpendicular to Leo. Kifissias, north of the OTE building)

Public Holidays in Greece

Jan 01  New Year's Day
Jan 06  Epiphany
Mar 26  Independence Day
May 01 Labour Day
Aug 15 Assumption Day
Oct 28  Ochi ("No") Day
Dec 25 Christmas Day
Dec 26 St. Stephen's Day

1st day of Lent
Good Friday
Easter Monday

Greek Easter Sunday - Date Calculator:

Enter a year from 326 to 4099 AD ...


Download a list of our Newspaper Ads ( MS Word)

Athens News
Address: 3, Christou Lada, 102-37 Athens.
Tel: 210-333-3161 Fax: 210-323-1384
E-mail: community@athensnews.eu ( Community Calendar)
Website: www.athensnews.gr

Athens Plus
Kathimerini English Edition & Athens Plus
E-mail: jpanayotou@ekathimerini.com

Almost every week in the Community Calendar section (free). E-mail ads to: community@athensnews.eu
(originally an-community@dolnet.gr

Red Dress Run photo & article Fri. 14 February, 2003 (Sent group photo from digital camera by e-mail).

Television Stations:
(Call / Fax to News department)








Red Dress Run, 2002: Alpha & Alter channels sent cameras. Alpha channel put us on the evening news.

Record of Individual Hasher's Runs

Download example run record (MS Excel)

Red Dress Run

HISTORY (See hash history section)

The weekend nearest to St. Valentines Day.

The first Athens HHH Red Dress Run was on Sunday 10/02/2002, starting on Michelakopoulou St., Athens at the car park at the side street Iridanou.

The On-In was held at the Ploughman's Pub at no. 26, Iridanou (Tel: 210-724-2002).
(Proprietor: Alison -  Home Tel: 210-921-5464  Mob: 697-819-7045)

The church at the end of Iridanou is dedicated to Saint Haralambos - who's name day is on the 10th February every year. So the church was holding it's Panayiri celebration & the street was full of stalls & merchants.

(On an telephone invitation, Both Alter TV & Alpha TV sent camera crews but the run only appeared on the Alpha Channel news)

See the Red Dress Run website on the Links page. Remember to SEND PHOTOS to this site.

The second Red Dress Run was held on the 09/02/2003 as this coincided with RUN 1300. Again the start was at the car park & the on-in was held at the Ploughman's Pub and again Iridanou street was full of stalls & merchants as the Panagiri was starting the day before.

(Five TV channels were sent invitation faxes (in English) and none came. Antenna, Mega, Star, Alpha & Alter)

Riding Clubs

Merenda Riding Club
(On the same road as the entrance to the new race track ..but on the right)
Angie - trainer/owner
Hours to call: 11.30 -to- 12.00 noon, 4 p.m., After 7 p.m. Please don't call in the afternoon.
Mob: 697-840-7021 & 697-739-0172 (incl. Stables)
House: 210-602-1548
(HOSTING AH3 25th Anniversary party in the Club Room. Euro 15.00 pp. Xmas dinner)

Ski Weekends

(Greek ski resort information can be found at:    http://www.gtp.gr/skicenters.asp )

Click here to download EXAMPLE AH3 Booking Form

Mount MENALON (Ostrakina - 1600m)

3 sliding (button) & 1 learner lifts. Ski & board hire. Coaching available.
High Chalet with snowmobile & sled transport (or you can ski down to it). Food & drink + View.

Directions to the Menalon (Gortynia) Ski Centre:

Take the Attiki Odos (in the Elefsina direction) all the way to the end & automatically merge with the National Road going to Corinth (Korinthos). After Corinth, take the exit for Tripoli & Napthlion (clearly signposted). On the road to Tripoli continue past the toll & the exits for Nemea and Mycenae, then pass the toll of Nestani and soon pass through the Artemissio tunnel (you can't overlook this). Now look on the right for signs to VYTINA (where the hotel is) and the Menalon Ski Centre and then turn right (towards the mountains).

After some Km of country road look on the LEFT for a sign to the Ski Centre (it says something strange in English but don't worry) - this will take you up the mountain to the ski centre (you may need chains for your wheels!). Otherwise, continue straight to get to Vytina village.

From Vytina there should be signs for Menalon Ski Centre. Distance from Athens is 162 Km approx.

(Past Dates: 24-26 February 2006)

Hotel Villa Valos,
Vytina, Arkadia - Peloponissos
Tel: 00-30 - 27950-22210, 23210

Tavernas in Vytina:

- Klimataria (Vytina Square)    27950-22226  (?)
- To Archontiko tis Athinas
 (Vytina Square)    27950-22133   (Spacious, nice stone-wall interior with fireplace. Food OK)


(Past Dates: 2003: Sat. 1st, Sun. 2nd March)

Hotel Chris-Paul
Diakofto - Aegion   (For Kalavrita) (Open all year)
Tel: (0691) -41715 - 41855  Fax: (0691) - 42128

Ski Bill, Kalavrita
Tel: (06920) - 23027 , -22572, Fax: (06920) - 24434, Mobile: (6937) - 477222
e-mail: skibill@kalavrita.net
(Ski equipment hire. Can book gear for group in advance)


Telephone 22340-22693 (-9).
The cost of a lift ticket is 8 euros, the cost to rent skis, boots and poles is 15 euros per set (Jan. 2006)

Hotels - Arahova
Arachova Inn,      Tel: 22670-32195
      (42 rooms. You must reserve for 2 nights, Fri/Sat.
      The price of a single is 70.00 with breakfast, double 100.00, total for both nights ...Jan 2006).

Parnasia hotel,   Tel: 22670-29245

The hotels in Arahova tend to be expensive, so hashers usually stay in Delphi:

Rooms in Arahova

It is cheaper and more comfortable to get a room (enikiasmena domatia) in Arahova.
Obtain a list from Vassiliki from Arachova tourist information, she speaks English: 22670-29170, her email is detpa@internet.gr.

Hotels - Delphi (2004):
Hotel Lefas, Tel: 22650 82324 (DBL + brekky EUR35)
Apollo Hotel, Tel: 22650 82580 (DBL + brekky EUR60) - Hotel bookings: Sofia Kouroumali
Parnassos Hotel, Tel: 22650 82321 (DBL + brekky EUR60)
Villa Apollonia, Tel: 22650 82919 (DBL + brekky EUR60)

Tavernas - Arahova
Fterolakka tavern on Delfon Street,   Tel: 22670-32556
On the main street of Arachova, across from the pretty vista - you have to walk in a little way into an alley.
Dinner should come out to 10-15 euros each, depending on what people order (Jan. 2006).

- Arahova
Cafe-bar Dream (22670-32855)
This cafe is located on the main street across from Vodaphone, near a square.



By Bus -- There are six daily buses to Arachova from the Athens bus station at 260 Liossion (Athens tel. 210/831-7096). The first two leave at 7:30 and 10:30 in the morning. The trip takes about three hours and will cost around EUR 12.

By Car -- Take the Athens-Lamia National Highway about 74km (46 miles) west of Athens to the Thebes turnoff. Continue north to Levadia. Continue via Arachova 26km (16 miles). Or take later exit for Orhomenos and continue on to Levadia and then Arachova (don't know the mileage).

Telephone 22340-22693 (-9). The cost of a lift ticket is 8 euros, the cost to rent skis, boots and poles is 15 euros per set (Jan 2006).

Saint Andrews Ball

(NOTE: St. Andrew's day is 30th November)
Annual celebration dinner / dance at the Intercontinental Hotel.
[16th November, 2002. Tickets Euro. 65.00 pp]
[15th November, 2003. Tickets Euro. 65.00 pp - same as previous year]

For bookings and further information call:
Ethel Martis on 22940 26443 or 6973 836103
or contact: Nick Clark  (nicoll@otenet.gr) for information.

Saint Patrick's Gala Ball

(NOTE: St. Patrick's day is 17th March)
Annual celebration dinner / dance.
Our contact: Con Karageorge (Waldorf) for information.
Bookings: Terry (of the Irish Society):
Mob: 694-556-4525 (after 3 p.m.), Home: 210-283-1314 (after 9 p.m.)

Payment in advance.

Details for 2003:
Date: Saturday 15th March.
Time: Reception starts at 8.30 p.m.
Place: Leadra Marriott Hotel
Dress code: Formal (Suits -or- Tuxedos)
Entertainment: Band + Dancers from Ireland. Raffle + many prizes. Dancing
.... then DJ + Disco to the early hours.
Cost: Euro 60.00 per person. Tickets in advance only.


The Athens hash have some stickers & bumper stickers they use. Double-click to download images here:

Bumper Sticker

Foot Sticker

Logo Stickers

Swimming Pools

(1) Swimming pool on the roof of the President hotel. It's not very nice but you don't have to be a guest, ,just use the bar.

Pewter Tankards

2014 / 2015

1-Pint tankard in presentation box.

50 GBP for two, including engraving and shipping from the UK to Greece.

The Present Store on Amazon.com.


Also do engraved flasks, etc.

July 2009

Pewter Collectibles ( www.pewter.co.uk )
The Old Calf House,
Manor Farm, Thornton Rust,
North Yorkshire, UK
United Kingdom
01969 663847
01969 663847

Order Number: RH512710000930

Shopping Cart (Prices in British Pounds)
 DESCRIPTION                            QUANTITY                PRICE                        COST
 Engraving Customer's Design          1                  £20.00 / $30.00          £20.00 / $30.00
 Create Template from                        1                              0                                  0                          
 Customer's Design.                                                

 Double Lines Fancy Handle             10                 £16.00 / $24.00           £160.00 / $240.00
 1-pint Tankard 238S                                                 
                                             Subtotal:  £180.00 / $270.00
                                  Shipping (Air Mail):  £4.50 / $6.75
                                                Total:  £184.50 / $276.75

(NOTE: Still in business - Jan 2015. The A238 Double-lines 1-pint tankard now costs UKP 20.50 )

Dec. 2005

Order placed for the following tankards:

PW100  x Qty10      (100-run - one pint)

PW140  x Qty 5       (200-run - one litre)

(Click on underlined model code to DOWNLOAD and VIEW photo of tankard)

All to have our circular logo approx 40mm diameter.

Location of logo: West side (if handle pointing north - up) - 90degrees from handle.

NOTE: Dearden Trophies have our AH3 logo on file (so no set-up charge).

From: Anne Barber [ anne@deardentrophies.com ]

Dearden Trophies Ltd (UK)
01908 611421

(Sadly, now gone out of business)


Our 100-run (1/2 Litre) Pewter tankards were ordered from:


They have our Athenshash LOGO so there should be no set-up fee in future (only the engraving charge) for embossing the logo on tankards or any other article ordered. Custom letter engraving may incur a new set-up charge.

They also have hipflasks (about UKP 21.00 -plus- engraving charge - in 2005):


NOTE: They do not seem to stock the 200-run, 1-Litre tankards.

(Sadly, now gone out of business)

Tee-Shirt Design

OUR original T-SHIRT PRINTER (2003-2004)

Dimitri (speaks a little English) - Athens - Tel: 210-764 -1956 (best 10-11 a.m.)
Shop closes at 3.00 p.m. and opens in the evening.
Price: Euro 8.40 each for white T-shirt with 3 colours (July 2004)
Prefers images in colour photograph (or colour photocopy) form.

[NOTE: Dimitri still has the silk-screens for our Virgin Hare & Veteran Hare T-shirts, so can avoid the setup fee by ordering through him]

Info. from Gobby Biggles (Jan. 2005) regarding Demetri:

Store: Pantazi 56 / Zappa 11, Illioupoli.
The actual store entrance is on Zappa 11 but someone must always call first.
His numbers are:
210-764-1956 (office)
697-290-9767 (Cell)

I finally got a chance to talk to him about design, etc. They have adobe print shop but can export / import just about anything.

Also, they will do up the design from a rough idea and put it so it can really be seen and then we can make a decision on what to go
with. I am going to send them both of the designs I sketched out and they will play with it.


OTHER T-SHIRT PRINTERS (2007 - )   With more convenient locations:

MACO T-shirt prints
Karaoli & Dimitriou 10
(Also have a small store in "The Mall" - Tel: 210-630-0402 - but will send you to Halandri for discounts on large orders)
Tel: 210-689-9614
Fax: 210-689-9598
Web: www.maco.gr
E-mail: macoxxl@yahoo.gr

Make my T-Shirt
Konitsis 13,
(Also have a small store in "The Mall" - Tel: 210-630-0224 in the Virgin Megastore) (Now closed - 2007)
Tel: 210-612-3233
Fax: 210-612-5117
Web: www.makemytshirt.gr
E-mail: info@makemytshirt.gr

(Mr. George Serafidis answered the e-mails)

KK & Scrubber used this company to make the (AH3 design-competition) T-shirts for the Mykonos Island Weekend in May 2007.

Good quality American-style T-shirts & durable printing back & front (survives many washing cycles) at a very low quantity-discount price of Euro 5.00 each including printing (any number of colours)! The only disadvantage is that the images are produced on a printing machine which limits the image size to approx. A4. and so no additional sleeve printing, etc. This may change if they upgrade their equipment.



A website for designing and ordering t-shirts:


Download HERE blank t-shirt pictures for adding designs:

Suggest: Copy & paste picture into a new (blank) PhotoShop file & copy and paste desired images onto new transparent "layers" loaded over the T-shirt after first sizing the images in another file displayed adjacent to the T-shirt image.

Larger images:


Smaller images:

White - front
   White - back
Black - front    Black - back
Blue - front      Blue - back
Red - front       Red - back


Mycenae - Pre-Olympic / Interhash Prelube T-shirt (July 2004):     Front      Rear

Terry Fox Charity Run

First run in Greece was held on 19th October, 2003 in Syngrou Park (Northern Athens) (our run No. 1339)
Guests included the Canadian Ambassador & the Mayor of Kifissia.

Download info sheet

Time Changes

Last weekend of October - Clocks BACK 1 hour on Saturday night   - (European Union standard).

Last weekend of March - Clocks FORWARD 1 hour on Saturday night.

Transport Information (for Visiting Hashers) - General
(For specific information see section immediately below)

CALL 185, the information service of Athens Public Transport Organisation for information on bus routes, schedules and tickets.

Transport from / to the (Eleftherios Venizelos) Athens International Airport:

Six express bus lines serve the airport with a 24 hour service. Buses leave every 20 min. or more frequently in the daytime and up to every 40 min. at night, depending on the route. Ticket price is Euro 2.93 for one trip -plus- unlimited travel by all other transport modes (bus, trolley, metro) for 24 hours and can be purchased on the bus and at metro stations.... so don't throw your ticket away! Also do not validate your 24 hour ticket more than once.

Timetables & bus maps are available at the airport.
Change your money at the airport Banks or get cash from their ATM's for your ticket.
If you have spare time, see the free museum on the upper-level of the airport.

(1) The E92 KIFISSIA EXPRESS to Kifissia Park & Bus Station - Northern Suburbs.
Near to: Kifissia ISAP train station, McDonalds, Wendys + other eating + Shopping.
A couple of train stops to: OLYMPIC STADIUM COMPLEX.

(2) The E93 KIFISOS INTERCITY BUS STATION - for buses to the Pelponnese, etc.

(3) The E94 METRO ST. "ETHNIKI AMYNA" - A.I.A. EXPRESS .... Connecting the airport with the nearest metro station "Ethniki Amyna" (connection with metro line 3).

(4) The E95 SYNTAGMA - A.I.A. EXPRESS ..... Connecting the airport with Syntagma Square - city centre (connection with metro lines 2 and 3).
Near to: Parliament building, National Gardens
One metro stop to: Monistiraki flea market, Plaka, Acropolis & Parthanon.

(5) The E96 PIRAEUS - A.I.A. EXPRESS ..... Connecting the airport with the PORT of Piraeus (connection with metro line 1). (The route passes along the Saronic Gulf coastal road).
Catch the E96 bus to connect with the Island Ferries leaving from Piraeus.

(6) The E97 DAFNI METRO STATION for the Southern Suburbs.

Buses & Trolley Buses

The standard ticket costs Euro 0.44. Tickets are sold at Kiosks and at the metro stations of lines 2 and 3.
Tickets CANNOT be purchased on the bus. The buses do not carry money and therefore avoid robbery.
Validate your ticket in the machine on the bus, otherwise you may be fined by an inspector.

The metro ticket of Euro 0.73 allows for travelling on all lines (any transfer from one line to another is permitted) in one direction within 90 minutes from the time of it's validation.

NOTICE: Children under the age of six travel free.

Ferry Boats to the Islands

The schedules change throughout the year, so do check before making travelling arrangements. The Ferries also discontinue service in exceptionally bad weather, so have a backup plan prepared.

Frequently you will have a choice between the slower, cheaper, more relaxing (and increasingly luxurious) car ferries and the faster, noisier, more expensive hydrofoils (e.g. Flying Dolphins) & catamarans on a particular route.

Information can be found from the Greek Travel Pages website at: http://gtpnet.gr
The English language section is at: http://www.gtpnet.gr/topeng.asp
You will need to provide a username and password.
More information from: http://www.ferries.gr

Ferry departure information can also be obtained from the relevant Harbour Masters (see below):
For further information please call 143 or contact the Port Authorities.

PIRAEUS Harbour master    Tel: 210-451-1311
(For daily sailings to Aegina, Hydra, Poros, Spetses call 210-412-4585, 210-459-3123)

RAFINA Harbour master    Tel: 22940-28-888, 22940-22-300
AGHIOS CONSTANTINOS Harbour master    Tel: 22350-31-759
IGOUMENITSA Harbour master    Tel: 26650-22-240
KAVALA Harbour master    Tel: 2510-223-716
LEFKADA Harbour master    Tel: 26450-22-322
OROPOS Harbour master    Tel: 22950-32-270
PATRAS Harbour master    Tel: 2610-341-002
RIO Harbour master    Tel: 2610-991-203
THESSALONIKI Harbour master    Tel: 2310-531-504
VOLOS Harbour master    Tel: 24210-20-115
ZAKYNTHOS Harbour master    Tel: 26950-27-110

Radio Taxis

Athina1: 210-921-7942
Asteras: 210-614-4000
Cosmos (for all areas): 1300, (for the city centre) 210-522-2218, (for the suburbs) 210-520-0020
Enotita: 210-645-9000
Hellas: (for northern suburbs) 210-801-4000/4, (for southern suburbs) 210-996-1420, (for downtown Athens: & Piraeus) 210-645-7000
Express: 210-993-4812
Glyfada: 210-960-5603/5
Icarus: 210-515-2800
Kifissia: 210-808-4100
Parthenon: 210-581-4711
Protoporia: 210-222-1623

Hermes: 210-411-5200
Piraeus 1: 210-418-2335

Alexander the Great: 2310-866-866
Macedonia: 2310-517-417
Omega: 2310-511-855
White Tower: 2310-214-900

Transport Information (for Visiting Hashers) - Specific

Island of Agistri

The Agistri ferry leaves from the port of Piraeus which is easily reached by the Metro (also known as the ESAP- Suburban Railway or the 'Electrico'). It's easy as it's at the end of the line. As you exit the station in Piraeus, turn left and walk a few hundred metres along the main road until it bears left. Walk through the railings onto the quayside. The ferries leave from here.

There are Agents offices (representing different companies) on the quayside where you can buy ferry tickets. Do check the ferry times as one agent may not tell you that the ferry from the other company leaves first! They just want to sell tickets!

If no direct ferry to Agistri available, you may take the ferry to Aegina (which is on the way to Agistri) & catch a ferry or a water taxi from there to Agistri. Piraeus agents should have details of the connections. The water taxi fare is shared between the passengers, so go with others and save money.

[Caution: Piraeus is a busy port with a lot of people about. Stay alert & do watch your belongings. This also applies on the crowded Metro - particularly when people are pushing on & off the train. You don't want to lose your beer money!!].

Tuxedo Hire

VESTIARIO, Socratous 16, Ommonia Square.
Tel: 210-522-0813
Open Monday-Friday, 9-5
They quoted 75 Euros for the tux hire. They said "come early" as they may have to do some alterations.

Pan-Gram, Kriezi 82, Maroussi
(in the Village Cinema area. From cinema on left, on Fragoklissias, 4th street on the right)
Tel: 210-683-4040
Mobiles: Yiota 0936-740000 and Eliza 0932-511131
You need to make an appointment to see them (from 7-9 p.m.) They work at Theatres in the daytime.
They quoted 45,000 (132 Euros) to rent the whole outfit:
(Shirt, Jacket, Trousers, Bow Tie, Cummerbund)

Whiskey & other spirits
Whiskey prices from Vassilopoulos supermarket (October 2003)
in Euros:

Jim Beam 14.40
Famous Grouse 11.25
Bells 10.90
Ballentines 10.70
White Horse 9.70
Teachers 8.90
Black & White 8.89

Metaxa brandy 13.23
Baileys Irish Cream 11.97

Wine Bottling Party


For a full calendar of commercial wine events visit    http://www.localwineevents.com/Athens-Wine/

Examples of Athens HHH wine labels:

See our wine labels page at:     
Wine Labels     

Things you need to bring or have at the wine-bottling party:

  Essential: Wine, bottles, corks, caps, adhesive wine labels, metabisulphite steriliser (for bottles & corks), 2 corking machines, 2-3 large bowls (to sterilise bottles in), 3 plastic syphon tubes & end-stops, 3-4 buckets (catch wine spillage + bottle draining), 3 small plastic jugs & 3 funnels (to top-up wine bottles to correct level), sponge cloths & tissues/paper towels (to wipe bottles before labeling), electric kettle & extension cord (steam-on caps outside), glue (if labels non-adhesive), scissors (if labels not seperated), system to drain water from sterilized bottles.

  Non-essential but needed:
3 Glass jugs (to decant wine into for serving), Plastic cups (lots!), Styrofoam cups (coffee), Paper plates (to serve shared food), plastic cutlery, condiments, Beer & soft drinks, (for those not drinking wine), Tables with plastic tablecloths (to serve wine & food from), Chairs (beach type), Umbrellas with stands or spikes (sun or rain), Music system & good CD's (possible extension cord for outside setup).

Wine Bottling Tips

(1) Sterilize everything that will come into contact with the wine in the Metabisulphide solution: Bottles, corks, spillage buckets, top-up jugs, syphon hoses, funnels & hands, etc. Observe cleanliness procedure. Else bacteria in the air & on various surfaces may get into the wine and cause it to spoil.
(2) After sterilizing the bottles, place them together upside down in a bucket to drain.
(3) Use an electric kettle with a narrow spout to steam-shrink on the bottle caps. Hold down the switch while steaming.
(4) Dry the bottles really well, firstly with a sponge cloth and then with a paper towel or paper napkins before sticking on the labels or the labels will form bulges & bubbles.
(5) Don't throw away the compartmentalised boxes the empty wine bottles came in. They will be needed to storing and transporting the left-over wine for subsequent sale. They protect the wine labels from damage during transportation.

Post Wine Bottling party tasks

(1) Return 20 litre wine containers to winery for a refund.
(2) Sell the unsold wine at following hash events

Saturday 30th November, 2002

For the party, Athens Hash purchased on 26th Nov, 2002.....
From Inopiia Pallinis Troianou: 60 K of (1),  40 K of (4),  40 K of (5),  40 K of (7)
-plus- 50 (brown) bottles & 100 corks.
Total cost: E 300.00 with E 36.00 refundable on return of the 9 x 20 L containers.

From: The Patitiri (Wine Press)
NOTE: 30 K of (5). Total cost E 80.00 with discount. Then on 30th Nov. purchased a further 72 (6 boxes of 12) (green) bottles & 50 corks - cost E 28.00.

Lessons learned - 2002
-Labels should have the Type of wine (White, Red, Dessert) printed on them for easy identification.
-Labels should have Athens Hash House Harriers, not AH3 as many bottles are sold at hasher's offices and this would be better advertising for us.
-Labels should have our website URL (small letters) for those wanting to find out more about our club.
-Bottles for sale look more presentable with caps over the corks. These are most easily shrunk on by placing the neck of the bottle (with cap) in steam from a kettle spout (keep switch depressed for continuous steam, else thermostat switches off electric power).
-Partitioned boxes (supplied with purchased wine bottles) excellent for transporting and storing filled wine bottles while protecting the wine labels. Labels get damaged when rolling around in a standard type cardboard box in the back of a car. Then much less saleable.

Saturday 24th April, 2004
For the party (12.00 Noon to 17.00 at Thrush's house), Athens Hash purchased on 22nd April, 2004.....

From Inopiia Pallinis Troianou:
40 K of white (1) @ Euro 1.00/kilo
60 K of red (4) @ Euro 1.30/kilo
20 K of dessert red (7)
@ 3.50/kilo
Wine cost (with bulk price-reduction): Euro 176.00
Returnable deposit on 6 x 20-Litre containers @ Euro 4.00 each = Euro 24.00
Total paid: Euro 200.00

From: The Patitiri (Wine Press) purchased 96 (8 boxes of 12 @ Euro 4.00 per box) (green) bottles, 100 quality corks (@ Euro 7.00 for bag of 50), 60 red & 40 white caps (@ Euro 0.03 each), 1 bag of Metabisulphite sterilising powder (to sterilise bottles & corks), 1 hand corking machine (Euro 20.00), 1 bottle sterilising gadget (Euro 6.00) - Total cost E 75.00

Lessons learned - 2004
-Buy green bottles, they are more attractive then brown. Charge Euro 0.50 each.
-Bottle (0.33) + Cork (0.14) + Cap (0.03) totals Euro 0.50 exactly.
-Buy more bottles (relatively cheap) - hashers don't bring many and it requires another trip to the winery to buy more in order to bottle the leftover wine before it goes bad. Then someone has to bottle it soon after the party at their house!
-Good labels make for a more saleable product, so important to get colourful design (Sleazy Rider).

-Sale price after party (including bottle, cork, cap, labels): Red 2.50, White 2.00, Dessert 4.50
(Euro 5.00 entrance fee to party allowed 0.50 reduction on these prices & covered food & drink)

Greek Grape Varieties
AGIORGITIKO - King of the red grapes of the south - exclusively cultivated in Nemea.
ASSYRTIKO - The dominant (white) grape of Santorini. Now also cultivated elsewhere.
ATHIRI - White grape common to the islands of the southern Aegean & Halkidiki.
DEBINA - A white variety from Zitsa near the city of Ioannina in Epirus.
KOTSIFALI - A red Cretan grape.
LIATIKO - An exclusively Cretan grape - one of the oldest Greek varieties.
LIMNIO - A red grape native to the island of Limnos.
MALAGOUZIA - A fine white variety that produces rich and aromatic wines.
MANTILARIA - A red Aegean variety cultivated in Paros, Rhodes & Crete.
MAVRODAPHNE - Red, aromatic grape cultivated in Patra & Kefalonia - used for aged dessert wine.
MOSCHATO - Large, famous family of white grapes - used for aged dessert wines & effervescents.
MOSCHOFILERO - White grape with reddish skin cultivated in Mantinia & S. Peloponnese. Rose type.
ROBOLLA - A elegant variety of white grape cultivated on the island of Kefalonia.
RODITIS - White wines from this variety are made throughout Greece. Also used for Retsina.
SAVATIANO - Most common white grape in Greece - Attica & central Greece. Also used for Retsina.
VILANA - An old Cretian white variety.
XINOMAVRO - Prime red variety of northern Greece. Acidic. Softens to unique &complex taste with time.


The new white wine is available in early December (when fermentation is complete).

Check yellow pages under: INOPllA  (Wine making), sub-section Viom/Nies (factories).
Other useful words: INOS (Wine), INOPIIO (Winery), Patitiri (Wine Press), Boukali (Bottle),
Felous (Cork)

Semeli Winery
Stamata (Near Dionyssos), Northern Athens
Contact: Anne Kokotos Tel: 210-621-8119 or 210-621-6811
E-mail:    kokotos@semeliwines.com    

Website: http://www.semeliwines.com

Wine tasting + wine purchase
Cases of 6 or 12 bottles, gift packs of 2 or 3 bottles, wooden gift boxes. Also have delivery for a minimum order.

Inopiia Pallinis Troianou  (Troianou Wine making in Pallini)
16th Kilometer, Leoforos Marathonos, Pallini
Tel: 210-666-5021
-Directions: Go up Messogian ave, pass the Stavros bridge intersection, continue straight on (passing the large Carrfour store on your left, and then the Attiki Odos turnoff). The road has become Leo. Marathonos. Continue straight and you enter Pallini high street. Continue through a couple of traffic lights and you exit the high street and shortly you pass a school with large grounds on your left. Immediately after the school, turn left into the Winery.

Wine bulk PRICING INFORMATION (40 L +) - November, 2002:
(1) White Dry (Lefko Xiro Aretsinoto): E 0.70 / Kilo (slightly > 1 Litre) (from the Mesogeion area)
(2) White Dry (Lefko Xiro Rodiens):   E 0.90 / Kilo
(3) White Sweet (Lefko Glyko - Moshato): E 3.00 / Kilo
(4) Red Dry (Kokkino Xiro - Nemeas): E0.90 / Kilo
(5) Red Cabernet (Kokkino Cabernet Xiro): E 1.10 / Kilo
(6) Red Semi-Sweet (Kokkino Imigliko - Nemeas): E 1.10 / Kilo
(7) Red Sweet (Kokkino Gliko - Mavrodafni): E 2.90 / Kilo

75 cl Brown Glass Bottle -with- medium quality (4-year) cork & heat-shrink cap: E 0.60 each.
20 Litre Brown plastic containers for transporting wine: E 4.00 each (returnable for a refund).
Bottle corking machine with floor stand - E 45.00
Italian plastic (dark wood-effect) small wine barrel with tap: E 37.00
Greek plastic (light wood-effect) small wine barrel with tap: E 22.00

The Patitiri (Wine Press)
Leoforos Marathonos 181, Pallini 153 51
Tel: 210 - 603-1020   Fax: 210 - 603-0642   E-mail: info@topatitiri.gr
-Directions: Go up Messogian ave, pass the Stavros bridge intersection, continue straight on (passing the large Carrfour store on your left, and then the Attiki Odos turnoff). Just after the Attiki Odos, turn left at the Pallini Cemetry (& Makro) sign. Then U-turn into the returning lane at the first break in the dual-carriageway. Get into the right-hand lane and turn right into the sliproad/ sideroad leading round to the front of the Winery.

Wine bulk PRICING INFORMATION (20 L +) - November, 2002:
(1) White Dry (Lefko Xiro - Savatiano - Mesogeion): E 0.83 / Kilo
(2) Red Dry (Kokkineli Xiro - Nemeas): E 1.46 /Kilo
(3) Red/White mixture Dry (Kokkineli): E 1.04 / Kilo
(4) Red Semi Sweet (Kokkino Imigliko): E 1.22 / Kilo
(5) Red Sweet (Gliko Kokkino - Mavrodafni): E 2.76 / Kilo

75 cl Green Glass Bottle - 12 for E 4.00 (or E 0.33 each)
Cheap quality (2-year) corks: 50 for E 3.67
High quality corks: 50 for E 8.00
Bottle corking machines & - Large selection of wine-making equipment -

Patitiri (wine press) 'Zacheos'
M. Papakonstantinou
17th Kilometer of: Leof. Lavriou 71, Peania, Attikis
Tel: 010-6642860 / 664-2760 / 6642360
-Directions: Go north on Messogian Ave. and past Ag. Paraskevi. Turn right at the Stavros bridge intersection - onto the road leading (in the Peania direction) to Keratea & then Lavrio. At the Vorres Museum direction branch-off to the right, stay in the left-hand branch. Winery is on the left, soon after this. You may need to look left & backwards to spot the large entrance more easily - else you may drive by.
- Excellent for group visits
- Large, interestingly decorated premises. Includes shop & outside tables and chairs in courtyard.
- Wine tasting from wine glasses.
- View all wine-making equipment & machinery, vats & wooden barrels.
- Wines available (Oct. 2002):
Sabatiano (medium dry white, from local Peania area)  - Euro 1.00 / litre
Roditis (medium dry delicate white, from Peloponese)  - Euro 1.20 / litre
Cab. Sauv. (dry red)  - Euro 2.20 / litre
Rose - Euro 1.20 / litre
Dessert wine (sweet tawny, special process)  - Euro 4.00 / litre
Retsina (white wine with pine resin added)
- Other items available (Oct. 2002):
Must (grape juice) for making cookies, etc.
Moustalevria (grape juice jelly desert)
Moustokouloura (brown cookies made with grape juice)
20 Litre plastic containers - Euro 3.00 each
750 ml glass bottles  - Euro 0.29 each
Corks for above bottles - Euro 0.12 each

Patitiri (wine press) 'Papadosiako'
Leof. Lavriou 100, Peania
Tel: 010-6643157
(Just down the road from the Zacheos winery, but on the right hand side. Smallish entrance.)
-Small winery, but has good-tasting wine.
- Wines available (Oct. 2002):
Sabatiano (medium dry white, from local Peania area)  - Euro 1.00 / litre
Kokkino (red)  - Euro 1.61 / litre
- Other items available (Oct. 2002):
Can supply 20 Litre plastic containers

Wineries - Nemea

Good for group visits ... tours, wine tasting & wine purchases
(arrange visit with winery beforehand for best welcome)

The Greek Wine Centre
Palivos Estate
Ancient Nemea
GR-104 46
Tel: 27460-24190
E-mail: palivos@symposio.com
Web: www.palivos.gr

Directions to Palivos Winery: Take road from Ancient Nemea to Nemea. The winery is at the end of the village (on the left) about 1 1/2 Km from the Stadium.

NOTE: We visited the Palivos winery by coach when on the Mycenae Prelube weekend 16-18 July 2004.

Nicolas Repanis Abee,
20 500 Nemea
Tel: 027460-20450
Fax: 027460-20452
E-mail: info@repanis.gr
Web: www.repanis.gr