SKi Weekend February 2006

Download Love Bug's Powerpoint Presentation (PPT - 500 Kbytes)

After downloading, right-click the mouse on the image in the web browser & select Full-Screen.
Press the space bar to step through the pages.
Right-click the mouse & select End-Show to return to the web browser.

If it runs in Power Point after downloading, select View, then Slideshow from the menu bar.
Press the space bar to step through the pages.
Right-click the mouse & select End-Show to return to the Power Point screen and
File > Exit to return to the web browser.


Since you spent the time downloading, why not save the file (File > Save As) to your hard disk
so that you can run it again at another time without having to download it.

You can also print any slide that may interest you (File > Print and select
Print Range = Current Slide else the printer will print ALL the slides).

NOTE: To either save or print you will have to return to the web browser display from the
Power Point (full screen) display by Right-clicking the mouse & selecting "End Show"
In web browser mode, you Right-click the mouse & then Left-click "Advance"
to advance from slide to slide for printing.

It sounds difficult but it's really easy once you give it a try!

Athens Hash Screensaver

Screensaver #1

Installation Instructions (ms-word  .doc)      Installation Instructions (plain text  .txt)

Click the above link to download our first screensaver. It's full of our  fun hashing pictures including those from our 2002 Red Dress run. Fully virus checked.

The screensaver file (AH3-SS1.exe) is self-extracting & installing but should be first saved to disk, then run from that location. The filesize is 1.026 Mb so it will take a little while to download.

Full download & installation instructions can be viewed & printed from the above links.

The ms-word (.doc) document has the best formatting but is 47 Kb in size so takes a little longer to load. The plain text file (.txt) document is only 5 Kb in size so loads very fast.

To print the document, click File, then Print on your browser (Recommended).

Hash Sheet Templates (for Hash Scribes)

Original Template

New Template #1

Read this before you start your download:

Before you start the download, you need to open Microsoft Word. To do this now, click Start on the taskbar (bottom left) then select Programs and click the MS Word icon. After the program opens, click your browser icon on the taskbar to bring the browser back on top.

Now click one of the above links to start the download of the MS Word document. The original template is a smaller file (43 Kb) and will be quicker to download. The new template contains an embedded WordArt header and this increases the filesize to 193 Kb... but it's fancier.

When the Hash Sheet Template appears in the browser window you will need to copy it & paste it into MS Word. To do this:

(1) Use the browser's own select-all and copy feature to copy the document to the windows clipboard   -or-

   (a) Select all the Template text by dragging the mouse from the top of the document to bottom with the left mouse button depressed. All the document contents will turn black.

   (b) While the text is still selected, Press the CTRL and INSERT keys together to copy the document to the windows clipboard.

(2) Click the MS Word icon on the taskbar to bring MS Word to the top.

(3) Click Edit -> Paste to paste the document into MS Word (or you can press the SHIFT and INSERT keys together to paste the document).

(4) Click File -> Save As  and save the document to your chosen directory with a name you choose. Best to name it something like HashSheetTemplate. Then after typing-up your hash sheet text, save the document with ANOTHER NAME so as not to overwrite the template. You may need it again!