Run no 1849

Date 8th Dec 2013

Location PAPAGOU




A cold but cloudless day for the 35th Anniversary of the first hash run by the Athens hash. A goodly number came for this special run. SHUNT a virgin hare for the AH3 informed all in detail where the run went.THUNDERTHIGHS did likewise for the walkers.

And so off all went the runners being led by RIM JOB in spite of THE BOOKMAKER trying to make the pace whilst the walkers mooched along with BOUBILINA telling joke after joke. And so the two packs progressed.  The runners ascended the various hills that surround the area.

FAIR COP was seen helping CAPT. SUMO up some of the steeper slopes whilst the two visitors from the Swedish Hash looked on in amazement. Not like hashing back home in Sweden were they heard to mutter. And so the run and walk continued. 

Meanwhile I enjoyed my self sipping a bottle of Champagne at peace with the world. 

Finally back came the hordes to view a feast of goodies 35th anniversary cakes, bottle after bottle of champagne, Armenian brandy and party poppers galore.  REAR ENTRY was in 7th heaven whilst CLIT just drank and ate so could not speak much to the delight of all !!!!

So the circle was inevitably delayed much to the annoyance of the one and only OXY who was desirous of food more food and wine at the local Taverna. But finally FAIR COP took the circle - awards galore to the two hares. HAMISH for coming 300 times, the visitors for coming 1 time. 

And so off to the taverna where we all ate and ate and drank for the huge amount of 10 euro each.   What a feast we all had. And so eventually off home with me saddened by the fact I would not be seeing the two hares SHUNT & THUNDERTHIGHS likely for many months - a great pity as they both are such great fun