RUN: NO 1842








A Beautiful day cloudless no wind and warm esp. out of the shade

So all congregated at the start about 2 k up from the entrance to the ex royal estate\

Many came including virgins 

In the absence of most of the committee CLIT took charge and made MOUNTAIN GOAT tell all runners and walkers where to go 

Warned the runners it would take well over an hour 

So off the two packs went - along most scenic paths with distant views through the forests 

CU SOPHIA wearing a TWIN CHEEK TEE lead the walkers objecting that the pace was too slow. What she will be like when a teenager one shudders to think


Both packs had to avoid all the various cyclists both using pedals and those using motors of which many 

But the packs kept going - a beer stop would have been welcomed but alas none today 

So back to the start came all and sundry 

Then the circle taken by CLIT - enough said as it became one of her usual somewhat different circles 

Then next weeks hare was announced ROCKET SOCKET but where ??  To be advised 


So endith the festivities


 So back to civilisation by all 


L & K to you all  SCRUBBER  xoxoxo