DATE       17th August 2913




 RUN NO  1837



A very hot Summer afternoon when all congregated at our usual car park at Papagou

CLIT in absence of all other committee personel took charge 

She made me scribe so who was i to object 

I did say I was not running but to no avail

Why not running because that morning I had run my usual 15 k training run before breakfast so with the heat I decided not

to run again but instead go with the walkers 

But as a walker what to wear 

So after much thought I decided to wear a mini skirt plus top 

But what to wear underneath considering it was meant to be a pool party at the ONIN 

My running gear ? My swimmers ? Sexy underwear ? Nothing in case skinny dipping ?

So I decided but told no one other than KUM KWIK who promised to tell no one else

And so the run and walk commenced with TEENY TOTTIE as usual leading the runners with SCRUBBER the walkers including

me plus some visitors including a harriette from UZERBAGAIN wherever that is 

And so the packs roared away on their trails '

I did see ROCKET SOCKET  & REAR ENTRY try to keep up with TEENY TOTTIE but to no avail

Eventually a beer stop hove in site much to the enjoyment of COKE DEALER 

And so back to the start wher e all immediately drove off down to CAPT SUMO pad for the circle . a swim,  drink and food 

CLIT took charge of the circle -

A Hare Tee Shirt was presented to TEENY TOTTIE plus a farewell certificate upon her imminent departure   for Froggie


And so the afternoon progressed  = BEER more BEER  Wine galore and masses of food for all

A great day for everyone

And then when it got dark some went into the paddling pool including myself so those that remained until the end saw exactly

what I was wearing or not  under my demure dress 

So until our next run 

L & K as always from me the georgeous KNOB GOBLIN