RUN 1835

DATE  7th JULY 2013





A hot sunday luckily cooled down by a semi strong wind so when about 15 intrepid hashers congregated at our normal kick off point at Papagou all realised they were very lucky with the cooler weather 

TEENY TOTTIE came in all her splendid hash gear and was welcomed by those intrepid hashers like Mt. GOAT & HAMISH

And so at 11/20 FAIR COP called all those present to order and be told by the hares where both the runa nd the walk went with a beer stop half way 

So off went the two packs 

The runners lead by TEENY BONER & the walkers by HAMISH

Both scheduled to meet again at the beer stop 

The runners sure required the knowledge of the hares otherwise all would have got lost 

KNOB GOBLIN was fantastic in keeping us on the trail 

Every time MAD DOG wanted to stray she was on to him - follow me  just follow me she cried 

And then appeared over the horizon the one and only OXY as usual in his OXY MOBILE

Immediately he set off at speed accompanied by ADA to catch up with the 2 packs - no doubt the thought of a beer stop was the major attraction!!

And so the afternoon passed 

At last the 2 packs returned and the circle commenced with FAIR COP in charge 

Down downs to all 

Confirmed no run now for some time TEENY TOTTIE & THRICE NITELY confirmed they were leaving soon so agreed a farewell run for them before their departure 


Then off to the taverna where we ate ate ate and drank drank and drank for the huge cost of 11.20 euro each    An absolute bargain 


So until we all meet again 


Love WET DREAM xoxoxo