RUN 1825




SCRIBE Me Currently Unnamed ALITHEA


Yes I demanded to be the scribe in the hope it would result in me being finally given a hash name  but alas no such luck this week 

A goodly number came - the weather was fab 

THRICE NITELY brought his relatives whilst FAIR COP brought his MUM

So at 11.14 FAIR COP called the pack to order and told CAPT SUMO to give directions  the most important of which was a beer stop half way round 

So off went the two packs ABSOLUT leading the runners and WET DREAM the walkers 

Both were set in flat territory and both reasonably short essential in view of the feast being cooked by REAR ENTRY

Just the  thought of those sheep’s eyes made me run faster than I have ever run 

Finally the beer stop was seen but only by those privileged few

And so back to the garden where the smell of the BBQ lamb made all seem famished 

Then the circle down downs to nearly all  --- the two virgins were asked the usual 4 questions by CLIT and when they both replied to the 4th you should have seen CLITS face.  IT went bright red !!! All were astounded!!

Then the food sausages to start A!

Then the appearance of FERRET BLOWER with even more relatives who promptly tore into the food as if no tomorrow 

Then the KOKORETSI - OXY would have had so many gasps of pleasure munching away at it 

Salads galore washed down by wine more wine and even more wine 

Then the lamb SCRUBBER was seen having 5 helpings 

And so the afternoon progressed 

Sweets appeared much to the pleasure of DOGGIE STYLE 


Kisses to u all ALITHEA  xoxoxo