Run: 1824

Date: 21st APRIL 2013

Location: Beyond MARATHON LAKE next CHURCH (Kalentzi)




Yes what a day!  VIRGINS 1st. then FAIR COP 300th run, MASH also 300th run, THE BOOKMAKERS 700th run and Mountain Goat’s 900th run.


And as hare THE BOOKMAKER trying to emulate the fantastic run set by DOGGIE STYLE & WET DREAM 3 weeks ago. And he sure tried his damnest but alas did not quite succeed. Perhaps age catching up but whilst parts were excellent in places it did not have the flair of those two incredible harriettes. But if it came to pass that we had as hares those two plus THE BOOKMAKER, what a run! - So maybe we should all pray it will occur in the near future.


But back to this run - so many came -the beer flowed at the start during the run and at the end - I shudder to think what happened to our hash funds - almost a mortal blow for WET DREAM who saw the huge cash surplus disappear!!


Anyway FAIR COP called the pack to order - even CLIT obeyed whereas so many others just ignored the opening utterances = Maybe all dreaming of what delicacies were to be sampled in the various goodies brought by the multitude to taste after the run/walk.


THE BOOKMAKER as is his want then gave directions for the two packs - so off they went both fully aware the instructions were to say the least somewhat ambiguous'

And a goodly number of both packs.


The runners lead by BANGER & MASH sprinted their way around the long trail leaving in their wake the likes of ABSOLUT, MAD DOG, COKE DEALER, and even RIM JOB  - more about him later. S4S & myself all exhausted and thirsty. Whereas the walkers led by KUM KWIK assisted by FORMOSA FLYER meandered down a well marked trail to the waters edge.


What with LEANOVER in attendance decorum was the order of the day.  Even DOGGIE STYLE & Heavy BREATHER refrained from their usual torrent of swearing. And so the 2 packs enjoyed their sojourn beside the lake in a beautiful spring day. OXY also appeared but of course unseen by both packs - he sure looks lean and hungry now days. 


And so in due course the 2 packs returned BANGER & MASH leading the weary runners. And so more beer was drunk.


Then the circle and what a circle - first the virgin who underwent the CLIT famous question with ease - then the 2 @ 300 runners - both given suitable mugs engraved with their names - then THE BOOKMAKER and what a performance - sitting him down and giving him a facial to end all Facials - plus mementos for managing to run so many and set also so many.


And then MT GOAT 900 runs and still running amazing to say the least - laid down on a flat camping bed suitable for his age and general physic again subjected to so many pleasures he cried out “do not finish, this is so pleasurable”.


Then into the churchyard for our picnic - so much food and so many different items to eat washed down with wine and beer.


It sure was a day to remember MT GOAT was heard muttering I hope SHAG sees the pics of me - she will be so jealous.


So endith my epistle REAR ENTRY