RUN 1823

DATE 14th April 2103




I still wallowing in all the praise received from setting the run with WET DREAM two weeks ago was quite naturally given the task of being scribe to this run set by two hares who tried their utmost to emulate the quality of our run.


Twas on a very pleasant warmish spring day that in excess of 20 intrepid hashers came to run along the coastline just north of Loutsa. The hares determined to put fear into all the runners kept insisting the run included vertical cliffs so abseiling would be in order. Luckily the likes of ABSOLUTE and HEAVY BREATHER had experience in this so told all nothing to fear. 


So off went the two packs both at speed except WET DREAM who insists of a good snooze when all others are on the move. THE BOOKMAKER as is his want made his own trail so was ignored by MAD DOG & COKE DEALER. 


And so the 2 packs continued on their merry ways but without FORMOSA FLYER who said he was the natural successor to OXYMORON - never ever on time being his motto!! CLITORIA for once remained almost non-existent - so much so that CAPT SUMO did not realise she was actually present. And so in due course the two packs straggled back where FAIR COP as is his want conducted the circle.


Future hares were announced for the following two weeks - ignoring the future third where the hares are as universally demanded me and WET DREAM yet again - what a run this will be - even better than our previous one so all attendees take note.


Then off to the adjacent Taverna for a superb fish meal at the huge cost of 12.50 an attendee. YES a great day so I pity all those who did not come. 


So until next week me the one and only DOGGIE STYLE xoxoxo