RUN  1818


LOCATION  Outside Markopoulo

HARE  The Bookmaker 

ONIN Sotiris Meat Taverna 

SCRIBE  Me the Gorgeous  Clitoria


What a day - cloudless - no wind - warm - scenery out of this world - hash all wearing hats suitable for carnival season  - so a group photo taken. 


A goodly lot came so FAIR COP as his want called all to order asked THE BOOKMAKER for full instructions so off went the two packs with me as usual leading the walkers. 


The scenery was stunning all the winter rain meant the vegetation blooming and so green. The road very quiet and scenic so all enjoyed the walk. HEAVY BREATHER with DOGGIE STYLE fell slightly behind, but so what?


The runners by now enlarged by RIM JOB ( he thinks he is emulating OXY ) speed all away on a typical THE BOOKMAKER run - so those who had not experienced one of his runs were in for a shock.


THRICE NITELY became quite distressed at the speed of the runners - I suppose age is catching him up - he looks more and more like MT GOAT every time i see him. Finally both packs back to the bucket MAD DOG obviously suffering from the length.


Then the circle - two virgins one the sister of our Finnish hasher CAPT SUMO   so both asked the usual 4 questions by ME.


Then all off to the SOTIRIS SOUVLAKI TAVERNA in MARKOPOULO where we all partook of a meat meal at a cost of 12 euro.


So endith a beaut day - let us hope future Sunday hashes are run in such attractive countryside with cloudless skies. 


So until next Sunday when we shall run on the Monday ( it being clean Monday !!!!! ) with all having to bring a suitable plate of CLEAN MONDAY Tucker !!


Kisses to u all 


ME CLITORIA M B E ( Means must be erotic !!!! )