Yes I went - far too wet, but in view of masses of free food and alcohol was an attraction.


So a goodly number turned up for the run and the following AGPU at WET DREAMS and FAIR COPS pad down in rural LOUTSA..

The trail having been completely washed away by the rain, all decided a stroll down to the waters edge and back would be sufficient before partaking of the free feast.


So the runners obviously led by myself wandered off down to the waters edge. ROCKET SOCKET thought in error he should run - alas it meant he became ever more sodden.

The walkers led by the one and only CLITORIA meanwhile went in search of the local 1 euro supermarket only to find it was surrounded by fast flowing streams, so alas no alternative but to return back to the start. And SCRUBBER had evidently brought masses of 1 euro coins to spend, spend and spend at this emporium.

Eventually all runners reappeared with me in the lead. And the drinking commenced.


The circle held next to the wood blazing fire taking as usual by FAIR COP. 

Down downs awarded to all - then the one and only virgin Tim was ushered into the circle with the required 4 questions put to him by CLITORIA who maybe luckily was wearing a bra similar in colour to her skin so one did not know where the skin stopped and the bra took over !!!!

Then the food -   masses and masses of it cooked expertly by WET DREAM all washed down with beer and various wines. 


Finally the AGPU conducted by MAD DOG assisted by THRICE NITELY. 


Some very close results but no recounts, so all were suitably elected - but alas no position for OXY.

Then we discussed where we should have our spring island w/end - agreed Semeli vineyard down in the Peloponnesus situated on top of a mountain.(NOTE the Peloponnesus is now  an island due to the Corinth canal separating it from the mainland.


So by mid afternoon with the rain having ceased all made their weary ways home.

Thus ended a great day.


So until next week when again I will be the front runner!!!!