RUN 1809

Sunday 6th JAN 2013

LOCATION   Lambraki Street, Nr. Syngrou Park outside REAR ENTRY pad




Yes I was allowed out for first time for many weeks so off I went to the first hash of 2013 - the Vassilopitta run set by REAR ENTRY 

It was wet so all realised they would end up 100% drenched to the skin 

So fairly soon after FAIR COP called the pack to order REAR ENTRY told all where to run and walk so off all went 

COKE DEALER (Sober) led the runners &  KUM KWIK as is his want led the walkers 

All went to Syngrou park where rumour was a beer stop!! Surely in the cold and wet a Gluwien stop would have been better but so what it was alcohol and drinkable

HEAVY BREATHER as usual talked property with all 

And so the two packs progressed 

ABSOLUT kept telling all to run faster and faster 

RIM JOB who as now usual started late caught all up at the beer stop

CLIT for some reason very quiet - maybe her object for 2013 but somehow I do not think so

And so back to REAR ENTRY & THE SPY WHO >>> PAD where all stripped off their shoes etc 

Then the Vassilopitta cake and the fantastic sparkling red and white wine from ARMENIA all so drinkable

Then the food - the soup with dollops of Yoghurt  followed by the lamb stew - so tender and masses of veggies 

With red and white wine galore!!
And all for the HUGE cost of 5 euro

Yes a great day to start 2013 so looking forward to the next runs followed by great ONINs


Chronya polla to you all