RUN REPORT    No 1759

DATE    30th Oct 

WHERE   Syngrou Park

HARE  Rear Entry

SCRIBE   Me Scrubber


Just back from England having had a Hip Replacement - or was it a Knee Replacement  ?  - cannot remember which but it definately was one of them !!!  Mad Dog demanded I be the scribe so here goes 


A goodly turnout considering only the previous night had the location been decided

But when we had all assembled it was realized no hare - but REAR ENTRY without any prompting said he would be the hare - All agreed - for both the runners and the walkers trails - No problem he said - no flour he was told = again no problem he said - I will set the two trails using invisible blue flour so all can easily follow their trails 

Problem solved 

So very shortly after 11 am the two packs started off - the runners led by FAIR COP the walkers led by the one and only CLITORIA

I went with CLITORIA as my knee or was it my hip was such I could not sprint as much as normal.

And CLITORIA was in a great frame of mind - telling joke after joke = so much so that passers by exercising their dogs slowed down to listen - and the jokes continued - even the dogs enjoyed them - maybe more than the humans - they likely understood the language better than the humans so were suitably amused !!


Meanwhile the runners away in the distance were no doubt enjoying their sweaty run 

And so time passed 

Eventually I decided my body had had enough so turned back for the bucket closely followed by KUM KWIC and HAMISH- whereas DOGGY STYLE felt she had to remain with CLITORIA esp. as jokes were still emerging from her mouth



And so the packs continued - weather first rate for end Oct - and so back to the bucket the packs came. 


The circle taken by FAIR COP - awards to MAD DOG for his 400th run -HEATHER For her 200th - down downs for all esp. MAD DOG for all his injuries collected over the past week whilst down in the MANI !!   JUST all he was doing down there I shudder to think!!!


Then off to the taverna for a 10 euro lunch - great value - excellent food 


So endith a fab day 


L & K to all SCRUBBER