DATE                13 March 2011
HARE                FAIR COP
What a day - a few days earlier snow everywhere and cold - yet come Sunday cloudless and so warm we should all have been in shorts and a Tee shirt !!
And so on this warm day an intrepid group gathered at the CHURCH of PANAGIA VARABA  near SPATA
THe church built 12th C  vandalised on that famous day 9th JUNE 1431 was almost rebuilt during the following 70 years in classical BYZANTINE style with so many frescos inside
Unfortunately through the passage of time much of the detail on these frescos has vanished - maybe one w/end the hash could take it upon themselves to repaint them
Anyway after all suitably spending time inside it was time to set off for both runners and walkers - both on the same trail quoted our hare FAIR COP
So off we went through lush farm land full of Vineyards , Olive Trees , Pistachio Trees , Fig Trees and others to numerous to detail.
Then in site came a family of goats. KUM KWIK  drooled at the thought of having the two baby goats at his EASTER FEAST
And so the two packs progressed - the sun got warmer and warmer - the packs got hotter and hotter - why are we here  - we should all be on the beach MT GOAT was heard muttering - Am sure CLIT will be on the beach perving at all the nubile young Greeks HAMISH was heard saying in spite of her having a gigantic hangover
Meanwhile MAD DOG was in depair trying to keep the packs together
If only OXY was here it would be so much easier keeping control - But alas there he was just a few Ks away working hard as only he can do dealing with all the illegal goodies being brought in through the airport
And so back to the CHURCH where the circle was conducted in exemplary fashion as always
Then off down into MARKOPOLOU to our favourite eatery where we gorged ourselves on KOKORETSI and many other side  dishes  with wine and more wine for 11 euro each
So endith a beaut day - so warm and sunny