RUN   1734
DATE    20th Feb 2011

What a hectic w/end.


 Budwanker - Stylish

Coming down from the Pellion Peninsula Saturday to go to a Hash meal that evening in celebration of the visit by BUDWANKER followed by drinks at the Hilton.


Budwanker - boozing

Then the run sunday morning followed by a curry lunch at COKE DEALERS abode with oodles and oodles of wine.
Then down to HAMISH'S pad to sleep and sober up.
Then monday morning back to the Pellion 100% exhausted.
The run and walk on the sunday was set in beautiful scenery - luscious vegetation every where - the hillls of the TATOI estate in full view - and the threatening rain luckily did not eventuate.
Nearly 20 hashers appeared - including all from the sat evening festivities apart from DOGGIE STYLE who was said to be lying in bed with an almighty hang over !!   No wonder at the amount she drank, ate and smoked that evening !!!
So at about 11.20 the two hares informed all of the difficulties one would encounter on the run or walk including a champagne stop.
And Off all went REAR ENTRY leading the runners and SCRUBBER the walkers.
All initially went along the same route - FAIR COP and BOUBILINA in tandem !!!
KUM KWIK took it upon himself to deliver the champagne to the champagne stop - with a quiet sip en route.
Meanwhile BUDWANKER  kept all the runners in a tight pack - even the ancient Mt GOAT stayed with the pack.
CLITORIA was noticible in her demure appearence - no doubt because of BUDWANKER.
And so both the runners and walkers hit the champagne stop where all was drunk as if no tomorrow.


Coke Dealer says "fill me up again"
And so to the beginning and circle.
BUDWANKER gave various USA hash awards  to all and sundry. Various unfunny jokes were told - so a brief circle as all all wanted to go down to COKE DEALERS pad for tucker and booze.
And what a great party - other hashers like RIM JOB appeared to help munch through all the food and there was a heap of food.
And so the afternoon progressed  -   BORN FREE started singing as only she can do - OXY in sartorial attair looked on in amazment  - far too gentile for me he was heard to utter in Portugese - but he still drank as he is renouned to do  - and eyed up the delightfull CLITORIA as only he can do !!!
And so the afternoon slipped by.
Finally all started to leave.
So endith a great run and lunch.





Flaviana Matata, Miss Universe Tanzania 2007 wearing national costume


  Flag of Tanzania