DATE - SUNDAY 30th JAN 2011- Closest run Date to AUSTRALIA DAY


Young Ostrich
OK all arrived in reasonable time.
All partook of HAMISH’s usual OZ wine and Vegemite on a cheese biscuit before the run.
FAIR COP then started the proceedings.
HAMISH directed the way for the runners and the way for the walkers.
Then off both groups went.


Red Kangeroo

And immediately a shambles.
Maybe the wine or the Vegemite but both groups did the most amazing things.
The walkers lead by DOGGIE STYLE got on the tram going the wrong way !!
The runners after only 5 mins stopped and started doing so many exercises at a free exercise park- using all the modern equipment as if no tomorrow - all looked as if in serious training for the London Olympics - most unlike normal hashers - so beware REAR ENTRY and the venerable Mt. GOAT may be entrants.



Meanwhile the walkers somehow managed to realise they were going the wrong way so exited from the tram and awaited one going the correct way.
And the runners eventually left the exercise park and actually stared running - an amazing sight - but again only for a few minutes when in sight appeared an ice rink with skaters zooming round and round. What has the hash come to - was heard FAIR COP uttering. It is like an obstacle course.



So eventually running again commenced and this time continues until back at the bucket - with of course no walkers as they were still well away having had the initial shambles - but luckily they had sensible hashers in KUM KWIC who can always be guaranteed to smell the beer in the bucket from many K's away.
And so to the circle conducted as usual by FAIR COP.
2 visitors were given the usual questions and both answered truthfully to all.


Than off to Zacos the nearby souvlaki joint where we all ate and drank as if no tomorrow for the huge amount of 10 euro each.
So endith my epistle on as yet another AUSTRALIAN DAY.
With Filakia and more Filakia to you all.
Kisses to everyone.
Me the gorgeous BOUBILINA