RUN -               1724
DATE -              12/12/10

(Anniversary of First Athens HHH Run all those decades ago)



A beaut day - cloudless . windless and in the sun warmish
So down to the start went HAMISH accompanied by the luscious THUNDERTHIGHS and waited to see who would make the journey south from the snowfields of Northern Athens.
First to come was Mt GOAT with the roof of his car covered in at least 10cms of snow - an excellent place to put the hash beer so no need to buy ice - so many thanks to him for being so thoughtful.
Then came BOUBILINA - who as soon as she parked demanded her usual glass of Gluewein.
Then appeared  REAR ENTRY with THE SPY WHO etc with as minder their exuberant Niece.
Then Off they went - the runners at speed lead by THUNDERTHIGHS followed by the ancient Mt GOAT vainly trying to match her speed - with REAR ENTRY wallowing way behind.
The walkers lead by the niece went off down to the waterfront no doubt to see who was swimming on such a great day. Then appeared LOST PROPERTY just back from hashing all over Portugal.
She immediately asked where was OXY ?  and when told he was not here burst into copious tears and kept saying " Where is my beloved OXY".

And so the day progressed - with runners and walkers seeing parts of Glyfada never before seen by hashers - which bemused all the inhabitants of that seaside suburb.
Finally all back to the start with the circle compared by Mt GOAT - he reckoned first time he had been in charge of a circle for over 25 years.
A Virgin Tee was awarded to THUNDERTHIGHS for the fab run she set on PAROS all those years ago ( The Athens Hash is so quick in awarded those who deserve one !! ).
Then off to ZAROS for souvlaki etc and oodles of wine - cost still 8 euro (Including tip )  but without KUM KWIK chatting up the locals and plying them with wine.
So endith a beaut day down south in magical weather.
As Written by scribe for the day  - in English rather than Portuguese  LOST PROPERTY