Run Report -- RUN 1694
Date - 23rd MAY 2010
Hare - RIM JOB
Scribe - Why me of course - the one and only OXY
Finally after all these decades the committee in its wisdom finally realised that within the hashers there was one who could really write in correct English. Boy it sure took them a long time to arrive at this correct decision!! So here goes - all previous scribes read my epistle carefully so all can learn how to write in proper English - just in case almost by accident you are asked to write a run report. So here goes…
A small but very select posse of Athens Hashers gathered together at our usual meeting point at Papagou.  No MAD DOG in attendance as evidently he was on an advanced Greek History course beside the Acropolis. But our esteemed RA FAIR COP was there so without further time wasting he announced the hare for the day RIM JOB who briefly informed both runners and walkers about their detailed trails.
So off all went - the walkers lead as usual by the delicious BOUBILINA in all her glory closely followed by WET DREAM, HAMISH and last by the  most delectable who else but CLITORIA.
Whilst the runners with me in the lead as always sprinted and sprinted along the trail so much so that the ancient MT. GOAT was heard muttering never again will I run a trail set by RIM JOB with OXY leading the runners - I am too old for this!! And as for those two other ancient hashers BLACK MAMBA and PRICKLY BUSH I am still 100% amazed at there ability to even run - I sure have to reduce my speed by over 90% so they can keep up with me. But give them their due still trying to run at such an advanced age must do them good.
And so all eventually returned whereupon FAIR COP conducted his usual type circle - in slight speed in view the gathering clouds. Then off home or to the local Taverna.

So endith a historical day with me as scribe. I trust it is not another 20 years before the committee again make me scribe - For I shudder to think what age most would then be !!!