RUN 1691
After being ignored as scribe for past few weeks I was asked to write again much to my pleasure as I had thought the committee had abandoned me as being just a useless French writer - forgetting my ancestor VICTOR HUGO who had taught me the art of excellent writing!!! So here is my fantastic epistle...
FAIR COP  called all to order - requested MT. GOAT as hare to explain in his fluent Italian what all would happen. So off we all went - the runners lead by need I say myself whilst the walkers were lead by the birthday baby CLITORIA. Being the 1st May in Greece - I understand it was the same elsewhere in the world - the area was full of party poopers so both walkers and runners were subjected to so many interruptions by all these party poopers.

But the hash as always countered all these difficulties - the runners with now LE NOIR MAMBA in the lead charged on and on - RIM JOB in time for once kept talking about the economy. Meanwhile the walkers with as usual DOGGIE STYLE keeping all on a lead took all through the ex-kings palace grounds . WET DREAM commenting on all the beautiful bodies she could see - but were they the Bodies in the royal tombs or the living ones??
COFFEE CREPE basking in her fabulous hash scribe report kept telling all just how knowledgeable she was in SERBO CROAT- but the gorgeous BOUBILINA amazed all by promptly speaking to her also in the same language - 100% confusion immediately!!
The hash sure knows a huge variety of exotic languages - even FRENCH!!
Finally all back to the bucket where we all drank and drank - MAD DOG kept reminding us of the gorgeous CLITORIA birthday - yet again!! REAR ENTRY could not believe she was still so young - still in nappies he was heard muttering.
So endith the circle - then a few of us off to a Taverna in the heat of an ATHENIAN spring day where as always all gorged themselves.
So as always AU REVOIR
NAPOLEON BONEY PART ( the real one !! )
FILAKIA to u all