RUN NO 1689
DATE 18th Avril 2010
On a cloudless warm spring day we all congregated at Marathonas next to the burial tomb of what most of the world thinks are buried approx 200 Athenian warriors. But I know better - they were all members of the French Foreign Legion - but clothed in disguise so as to confuse both sides in that epic conflict!! So now the world knows the truth!!

A goodly turn out considering where the trail was set. So at approx 11.15 off went the hordes both runners and walkers. The walkers lead by FAIR COPís missus promptly went the wrong way !!  But she was rescued by DOGGIE STYLE who in her own inimitable way made us follow her trail straight down to the beach to perve upon all the nubile young men and female sunbathers so much so CLITORIA in her embarrassment put on dark Spectacles so as to not see the sites.

Meanwhile the runners without ZAC unfortunately but instead led by BLACK MAMBA made their way all round the area - through glaciers, waterfalls, severe rock climbing etc etc - but without any erupting Volcanoes. MAD DOG tried to keep up but alas the pace was too much for him so he was soon way back running with the ancient MT. GOAT - who defies the world by still running at his advanced age - the Guinness Book of Records should include him as an interesting statistic !!

Then back to the bucket for a brief circle where SPANISH FLY was presented with a valuable set of ancient books by the one and only KUM KWIK - who in fluent Armenian quoted a poem written evidently by COOK THE FOOK.

Then everyone went to the nearby curry House where all ate fab curries  esp. the Goat which one could die for and all for only 15 euro - including vaste quantities of wines and beers. It sure reminded me of my childhood in Pondicherry where I was fortunate to be brought up - and where I had an Ayah both to feed me curries and one to gather it all when it exited through my rear end. But alas I did have neither here so had to do all myself !!!!
So endith the day
Bon Soir from me as always