Report on run 1688
DATE 11th AVRIL 2010
SCRIBE COFFEE CREPE ( with translation by the  BRIDE of DEREKULA )
Urged by MAD DOG to translate the epistle written in French by COFFEE CREPE I dutifully have oblidged - even though the French used was from the Napoleonic period so the translation was that much more complicated
But hear goes
A long journey south from Halkida throuth mist, rain and strong winds saw us at last reach the village of FYLI at the southern side of  Mt.Parnossos.
Went through the village for a few Ks and then encountered the hash.
Was welcomed as always by KUM KWIK with a sloppy kiss exactly like what our St. Bernard used to give me followed by a huge hug from MT GOAT similar to that I used to receive from my grandfather when I was 5 or 6 years old. He also had a long white beard!!
Then FAIR COP called the pack to order - instructions were given by the hare for the day REAR ENTRY and off went the runners lead by PRICKLY BUSH with her delicate backside slightly wobbling at the speed of her running closely followed by SPY SHAGGER as usual with a huge smile.
Wheras the walkers with me leading decided to climb up the mountain road still further until the Momastery came in site.  And when we all arrived what a view!! It sure reminded me of Gavernie up in the Pyrenees - and it sure is a fab site.

SCRUBBER and DOGGIE STYLE kept talking non stop - just what nonsence they were talking about who knows?? Whereas CLITORIA as usual Delicious, Desirable, Desperate and extremely Dutifull to all made us all sprint back down the mountain side to get to the bucket before the runners arrived.  
Which we all managed so starting drinking as if no tomorro.
Evidentually the runners arrived with BLACK MAMBA in the lead - so guess who first had a down down - Him ofcourse!!
Down Downs were given to virtually all - the hash must be in funds to afford so many - SPY SHAGGER acted as Beer MIstress - OXY alas did not come as always love giving him a huge cuddle - he is adorable!!
Then off down to the village for a feast of meat meat and more meat.
So au Revoir to FYLI.
COFFEE CREPE (with thanks to the BRIDE of DEREKULA for the translation without any Englesh spelling errors)