Run No 1678
Date   31st January 2010
Location  XAMOLIA  - Nr. LOUTSA
Why me having just arrived from Tokyo - thus my first time with the ATHENS H3.
And as a KIWI born and bred thought no one in Greece would wish me to be a scribe.
But compelled to be one mainly by BLACK MAMBA  who had kindly picked me up and brought me to the  hash I felt duty bound to agree to being the scribe.
The hare FAIR COP said he had only a couple of days before had to step in as hare as the designated hare KUM KWIK was in ITALY at some fashion show where he was supposed to be a mannequin representing TELLE TUBBIES!!!

A smallish pack which included a Turkish/greek who said he was OXYMORON'S nephew!!! And as he said he was 39 years old who old does that make OXY ????
So at just after 11am off we went and started climbing and climbing PRICKLY BUSH lead - maybe because she wanted to get back to the circle asap as she said her granddaughter was expecting any time during that day and it was to be her first Great grandchild!!!
The aged Mt GOAT closely followed by RIM JOB tried there best to keep up with PRICKLY BUSH ut age beat them.
Meanwhile the walkers ably lead by WET DREAM followed by HAMISH wandered around the shore front peering into all the mansions dotted along the shore line.
And so the runners and walkers arrived back at the bucket where down downs were had by all - taken as usual by FAIR COP.
And then all off back to the Taverna in Markopoulo where we gorged ourselves with food, food and more food.
A great day and for me upon my first run in Greece an exciting event.
So as we say in TOKYO sayonara until next time.