Run No 1677
Date 24th jan 2010
Location  GLYFADA
Hares  HAMISH & Currently Unnamed JACK
A cold but dry day down south in Glyfada took most attendees by surprise for up north snow was everywhere though 99% on higher ground. Never the less a motley number made their way south to the annual AUSTRALIAN run organised by HAMISH with help from Currently Unnamed JACK - who was absent due to the cold - Hashers like him never go out in the cold so it fell to HAMISH to set the run all by himself.
And so at 11.15 the motley runners set off at speed with MT GOAT in the lead closely followed by ABSOLUTE. The trail was around the many streets of Glyfada so the pack went backwards and forwards around all the streets. Meanwhile the walkers as usual lead by BOUBILINA demanded a lift in HAMISHs car to his flat so they could walk from there. Meanwhile the runners progressed around the trail.   COKE DEALER reckoned too slow so demanded speed from all as they pounded around the golf course back to the start. And there late for once was seen REAR ENTRY and THE SPY who Etc etc.
And so all entered their limosines to drive to HAMISHS pad for food and booze . And then to put it mildly shambles - half the cars started following a strange car en route .They vanished into the yonder whilst the rest were happily enscounced in HAMISHS pad partaking of the wine. But eventually they were found so all made his flat.

A brief circle lead as always by FAIR COP and then the food arrived and all gorged themselves.   REAR ENTRY was by applaud made carver of the massive chicken which he proceeded to do with so much expertise he must have done 1000s in his past life.

Meanwhile HAMISH played Edith Piaf on his speakers - it took me back to my childhood in the 50s when she was my first girl friend !  The Little Sparrow as she was called by all. And so the afternoon progressed - more and more wine consumed - music switched to genuine OZ in view of OZ day the following Tuesday.

And so the day finished  -   WET DREAM was happy as even at 10 euro including the usual 3 euro bucket the hash broke even. So the meal cost only 7 euro - next weeks hare KUM KWIK note !! Can he meet that.
ONON as Always
NAPOLEON BONEY PART ( in his dreams !!  )