RUN N° 1675


DATE : 10/01/2010



As usual with the Hare Prickly Bush the meeting point is on the parking next to the Poseidon Temple of Sounio Cape.

If you are on time, or just 2 minutes in advance, except the Hare and her Assistant and sometimes one or two insomniac Hashers (Mountain Goat), it’s a no man’s land comparable to the Sahara. But from this strategic point we can see cars speeding up towards us. When they stop, the spectacle of Hashers getting out  half awake with pillow creases across their faces is a little bit frightening. But after some deep breaths of fresh air everything came back to normal.

We waited for the late comers, who in fact were our GM and Spouse, who gave us, live, a lesson of the example which must not be followed. Thank You our GM to highlight this special point.

We didn’t wait for the latest comer……. who was really late…. but who was fiercely punished at the post circle.

Then we made the precircle and among the permanent Hashers I noticed some news heads: recent comers Anna & Mike or newcomers Adair & Boyfriend, (sorry I didn’t catch your name). As usual the Hare gave us an unbelievable amount of lies onto the circuit: easy, flat, no falsies, and so on………

Eventually we started, and the Hare, to show us her fantasy launched us on a falsie.

For my own, not being at my sharpest, I took the resolution to keep the hare always in sight because I thought I could not run all the falsies that she was able to design for us.

You know it’s the kind of Hare which shows you the wrong way with an angelic looking and looks at you coming back exhausted with a sardonic smile.

What to say about the trail? That it was exactly the contrary of what was announced: uneasy, mountainous…… with a lot of falsies and that I didn’t follow my resolutions and I ran a lot of them.

What to say about the Hashers? Always a lot of FRB running far in front of the pack, among them I noticed MIKE who deserves the Helmet, IANNIS a real marathon man, MOUNTAIN GOAT sticking on his reputation and ANNA with her funny dog. And the other ones short-cutting as much as possible to stay in contact with the Hare. I even saw the sweating head of BLACK MAMBA getting out of a prickly bush!!!!

Nevertheless I must award a special bonus to set the trail in this area with such a fabulous panorama on the cape. But who says panorama really means that we were high in the mountain. And effectively we climbed to the top of the mountain which overhangs the cape, ignoring the fact that there no flour marks to lead us to the best point of view.

Then it was easy to run downward back to the parking despite some others falsies….!!!

After some refreshment we gathered in the circle. Our RA, FAIR COP, distributed awards and punishments with his legendary wisdom. Even my car received refreshments which transformed it from nicely dusty to disgusting sticky and muddy. Thanks again for this nice attention!!!!!

Then the new comers were introduced. We learned that they come from the States; they work at the US Embassy, that they come by themselves and then came the embarrassing 4th question. The answer was a little bit difficult to obtain from an ashamed ADAIREADY. Despite the efforts made by FAIRCOP to get it, in private, in the ear she bravely said it loudly but the words flew away with the wind. (It was the good way because the ear of FAIRCOP is connected to such a loudspeaker that the whole peninsula now knows the secret).

The same question to “Boyfriend” (sorry) demonstrated that he was very reactive, that he had to be an expert in GPS and that he was a perfect gentleman.

And we finished to the Isabella taverna where we had an excellent meal for a reasonable price with a nice attention from the management (tsipouro, excellent desserts) very well appreciated.


NAPOLEON BONY PART (the real one).