Sunday 30th November 2008

Run 1615 - Varibobi


Hare: Mountain Goat


Scribe: Hamish McTavish Esq.


 Hamish-Greece   Hamish-OZ


Ok a report...
A beaut Sunday weather wise  brought so many hashers - there were reckoned to have been more than any other 2008 run apart from the w/ends on an island
Mt Goat the hare stood in amazement as car after car shuddered to a stop and disgorged more and more.    Hope I have brought enough Beer he was heard to mutter in his new language Portuguese.

And they came from all over the world -- Formosa flew in especially from South Korea. He knew Shampoo George was to be there and they had not seen each other since the 1980s . Oxy came and was not the Last to arrive. A world first!! Clit came without her EX !! Insisted she did the walk with Kum Kwik.

And the mood mainly because of the superb weather was such not even Stress Cow and Coke Dealer were heard moaning - again another first.
Finally Mt Goat was called to explain the run and walk . He stressed a part of the run where it was necessary to run along a very narrow path just above a huge water fall and said he hoped no one would fall in esp. as the water was somewhat cold!!  What else could one expect in late November?
So off we all went. First the walkers told to go to the Royal Tombs promptly ignored this suggestion and went off elsewhere. Bouboulina insisted lets go to the Palace so off they went.  Doggie Style said she had been there but would go again.
Meanwhile the runners went at great speed through the forest. Absolute in her usual manner, screaming at the top of her voice.  Maybe next time she runs all will be given ear muffs!!
The water fall came and noone fell in. By this time Oxy had caught up with the pack complaining at their lack of speed. Rim Job and Rear Entry tried to tell him they were running fast but as they did not tell him in Portuguese he did not understand.
Finally the end approached and all started demolishing the beer stock - no sign of the walkers but so what, more beer for the runners.
Then the walkers appeared lead by Formosa.
Then the circle taken by Fair Cop - Many were given awards for faults during the run.  Karma Kanik looked very up market in his awarded hat. Fair Cop announced the location of next spring Island w/end - the very foot of Evia - boats from Rafina go there but he did not know the timetable as yet - but promised to let us know next Sunday!!!
And so ended a great Sunday hash - lets hope more like it with so many keen hashers.