Full Moon Twin Cheeks Hash House Harriers

Date: 26th September 2008

Venue: Naoussa, Island of Paros

Hare: Shiva
Scribe: Hamish McTavish Esq.






The 84th TCFMH3 had the illustrious Shiva as hare.

Promptly at 18.00 hours the pack left the confines of the hotel in a westerly direction following the trail set earlier that day. 

Many remembering past runs set by Shiva opted to walk to where they had been assured there was a stop with Champagne and Giant Prawns.

The runners went along the shore line for some considerable time . In the process some found the home trail - which was somewhat confusing as they had not had any Champagne and Prawns yet.

So they all decided  to continue running near the shore until the trail lead them inland and up a massive mountain which they attempted to climb . Absolute was certain they went above the snow line before they reached the top all exhausted apart from The Bookmaker who at his advanced age reckoned it too steep so continued along the shore line and eventually turned round and ran back on the out trail.

So the rest of the athletes continued on trail coming down the mountain and there in front of them was the champagne surrounded by all the walkers who had feasted and drank vast quantities. Doggy Style was even singing  and not complaining about lack of Puddings !!

Then all back to the hotel where again Champagne  - served by the Fat Controller - who assured all he was serving behind the longest Champagne Bar in Paros. Thunderthighs moaned there was not enough chalk - but as she had shortcut how did she expect the hare to set a trail esp for her.
Then off to the Taverna located right on the waterfront where a sumptuous Greek feast awaited washed down with masses and masses of house Red and White wine.  And Wet Dream assured all the cost was within the budget - so a great time was had by all esp. Air Head who grabbed a bed for the nite FOC .

And Bud Wanker  even said he was so sorry his dear cousin could not come as she so much wanted to look into OXYs adoring eyes yet again.