Run: 1604, Date: 22 September 2008, Venue: Kareas, Hare: The Bookmaker, Weather: Bloody awful    

"The best laid plans o' mice an men gang aft agley"

Monday evening came round again. Something different about this one, though. The Bookmaker had declared an early start, so as not to run in the dark, but I guess he must have forgotten about big "G" - yes, the all-seeing Gispert. So what happened was that, even before we set off from Maroussi, it was getting dark early and ready to rain cats and dogs. We were going to be without the help of Fair Cop, the Religious Adviser, whose presence would be missed, as he always stops it raining on us. Nevertheless Bride of Derekula, Jack the Hash dog and myself left for Kareas, as I thought in plenty of time. Getting closer and closer to  the event, traffic slowed and then slowed even more to a crawl, so for the first time in my hashing career I was late. Upon arriving, I was immediately pounced on by that well known double act, Play Boy Two and Hamish Mctavish Esq., who pointed me in the right direction. Off I went, soon to see Meningitis, in his bright luminous jacket, and then I caught sight of the Hare, The Bookmaker, whom I followed to a check.It went on from there as a normal run, except that there didn't appear to be any other runners. Mind, Bookie was standing at this check shouting every couple of minutes so I worked out there must be more of us. Soon Fiery Twat arrived,  followed by Floppy Dick - well, he arrived about half an hour later. He'd got confused with another trail or something. It was an interesting run, nonetheless, with me front running for at least 20 metres at some point. As we reached the long "on in" everyone except Meningitis disappeared into the darkening distance in front of me. It was starting to spit on with rain and then we had thunder and lightning and more rain. Soon Meningitis left me to run in on my own, but I wasn't scared in the least!

When I arrived back, the circle had started without me. Again! It happened last week as well! So I quickly grabbed my camera and took a couple of shots, before the heavens opened. A very short circle ensued.  Floppy Dick was given a DIO for doing two runs, I myself was given one for being late and finishing last. Oxymoron, who had arrived in time for the circle, was reprieved  and no Oxymoron memorial down down was awarded.  Fiery decided to award The Bookmaker maximum points for the run. What a little suck-up, grovelling to the boss like that!!  Before the closing of the circle, everyone was reminded of next week's extravaganza - our very special thirtieth anniversary Autumn Island Weekend, 26th to the 28th on Paros. Everyone that is anyone is going.
All of those present opted out of going to the taverna and BOD, Jack and myself set off to go to one on our own. Everything was OK until the traffic came to a halt and we all waited patiently for an hour - well, all except some car drivers who took to the pavement. Soon even  the footpath was full of stationary cars. Eventually we started to move and off we went into the pouring blackness, not ever finding out why we had been held up. On to this week's taverna - BOD and I had fish and chips and mushy peas, and they were excellent. Jack enjoyed himself barking at the passers-by, so a good time was had by all, and we went home quite happy.

                                                                 Cook the Fook