Scribe: Fiery Twat


                FT comp by MD



They came from far and wide to witness the return of the Bookmaker and a ball breaker trail. It seemed that every Athens Hasher that rolled up had a few visitors in their car, or a virgin tucked away in the boot.


We even had an original hasher back after a slight absence of around 28 years Yianni….in those days of pre-history no hash names and no women….Yianni was  slightly surprised to see the ladies lining up and jostling for position, as the Athens Hash Honeys were only allowed on trail by special invite in his day….but he settled to it well with his friend Julia in tow.


Fair Cop called us to order and welcomed all the visitors/returnees/ and or virgins b4 we set off, as the nights are drawing in a bit and Bookie had laid the trail, so he thought it best to get them while they were still with us.


So we had 3 Americans,  Gets Around, Its okay to be Gay, and Blow Invest…..I think….then Yianni and Julia and last but not least a British girl looking for a team sport in the shape of Alex…..not to be confused with Men-in-Gitis…even though he did stick to her like glue….or at least tried to but she was too good a runner… In fact all our visitors were up there in the running stakes and Bookmaker was a bit embarrassed that he had mentioned to Alex that he could show her a few shortcuts…..as she was 1st home!


So the run set off as soon as Mountain Goat struggled out of his work clothes and into his hash gear….with a bloody check, which is a really annoying way to start a trail if you ask me….especially as I set off in the complete wrong direction TWICE!. Soon we were following a well laid….if vehicle assisted….trail of little Hsss in blue. He does add that bit of class doesn’t he Bookie? He led us a right old squiggle through the fields and olive groves and rubbish dumps and ostrich farms….you know the usual sort ….of ostrich farm I mean….good spot for the F so we saw them all twice….big birds and quite aggressive, so no one went looking through their enclosure for blue.


The problem with September evening trails became apparent as we spotted another F and turned for home…ish, as the sun set, dusk fell and night descended….it was very dark indeed and most of us did not make out the On Inn but just turned right when we hit the road and spent 2km being abused as cars caught us in the headlights at the last minute and swerved to miss us, or not, in which case we had a choice of being flattened or jumping into the undergrowth for an extra bit of scratching in the thistles.


Last man home was M-i-G but only because Fair Cop and Cook the Fook  short cut by about 4km.


We then had a circle where we only saw each other when the flash on the camera lit up the night and luckily the Pussy Mobile screeched to a halt 2 metres away and shed light on Oxymoron drinking his DIO as he searched in his pocket for his 3 euros….he then had to cough up 50 euros for his Paros deposit and as Bookie pointed out 53 euros for 2 inches of warm beer….must be a good deal!


On On to yet ANOTHER Fiery Tw*t trail as I was the only one not to take a step backwards at the right moment in the circle….so you all get what you deserve and bring your own torches.