VENUE SYNGROU PARK from a different angle




SCRIBE Fiery Tw*t




A short sweet daisy chain of a trail awaited the Athens Hash from its unusual starting point with alternative access to Syngrou Park. The hare had had to plan ahead for all eventualities and had had to let the fire service sniff his blue before being allowed to spread his trail through the park, and had had to make sure we would still have access if they locked the gate so we parked next to the wall which we could skip over if necessary. Luckily we didn’t have to take up this option as it was pointed out later there was a drop of 10 feet on the other side which might have meant we got in….but we might not have got out!


Anyway all was well as the gate was open and hashers turned up despite not having  hash signs (CtheF had not signed his chitty to be able to get any from the quartermaster’s stores and none were available on the black market either). We gathered in the oppressive heat and compared hot trail stories with old timers like Mountain Goat and Shampoo George and Major Arsehole (who yet again refused to sing ‘ the cow kicked nelly in the belly in the barn’……he says he is past it). Alice the hash dog scrabbled in the dirt for a stone to carry round and Clitoria MBE and Maddog and Doggy Style continued to discuss lack of communication from Crazy Puppy on her honeymoon and what the British Embassy could do to help find her and the new hubby…….I think the official statement from Clitoria was she would arrange to do SFA asap on their behalf……she did not share the inside information with the worried doting parents of the meaning of SFA in Embassy parlance (Sweet Fanny Adam)……apparently this is often followed by a period of FA…..I think you get the drift…..


So on to the night’s exercise with the Athens Hash….which consisted of 2 Fs 22 very short checks and an ON IN…..complaints were many and liberal in their use of expletives and CtheF kept apologising and saying he was very inexperienced and had done his best in the circumstances….we of course abused him all the more for his lack of back bone in not telling us to bugger off!


Back at the circle all sweaty and hot….beer was cold…the belisha beacon was polished and in position….Coke Dealer was the beer bitch so we all had a nice cup of froth for DIOs and FINALLY we had BOTH Maddog and Maddog’s 300/303 run award in the same place at the same time.

We enjoyed the moving ceremony of congratulating him on having not had a life for such a prolonged period that he had hit this tremendous pinnacle of Athens Hash achievement. Fair Cop asked for his Hash wife Doggy Style to do the honours and place his macho leather and metal studded dog collar around his neck …..there to be placed at all times when hashing and we all stepped up and read his dogtags….I think it might be a good idea for more hashers to have a collar with their names and contact telephone number for the MMC should they ever be found wandering delirious in the suburbs of Athens looking for a cold Amstel. We will see how effective it is next time we lose Maddog up a mountain…..we also suggested we could get him chipped too but there is, as yet, no consensus as to where the chip should be placed…..sounds like a great game for a Hashing weekend to me!


On On to anywhere that is not on fire next week….care of ABSOLUTE and her first solo trail