HARE MOUNTAIN GOAT ….who else, as I think this start point has been copyrighted by him since around 1990…..




Scribe Fiery Tw*t



Roll Up Roll Up!! For the most fabulous, exciting, riveting and amazing show on earth….the latest instalment of the MG Back Check Extravaganza…..and they came from far and wide, old and young, fit and not so classically fit…..a collection of old Athens Hash fossils and a baby thrown in for goods measure.


Due to recent nuptials of Crazy Puppy, daughter of Maddog and Doggy Style, we had a few returnees in the shapes and forms of….


Strawberry Foreskin and Lean Over from Sharjah….the dry bit next to Dubai


Semen Staines and Bully Off, with the latest in accessories of Oliver 8months (possibly hash named something like In Between….but I can’t swear to it) from Gothenberg.


Our great and good, previous and occasionally visiting RA Playboy 2 on the hop from Aegina and Flutterby.


Major Arsehole then appeared with Alice the original Hash Dog in tow but no sign of Gunga Din. The rugby season has gone into recess so he decided to see if he could still get round with the AHHH…..and would we get him to sing NELLY IN THE BARN…..no we would not!


 We also had the cycle freak James Brown, looking for a bit of training to make sure he can catch all his runaway cyclists. This is now at least his 4th hash in 5 years so surely we can get him named next year?


Also MG had winkled out the Greek Georges to help get us round the forest so Shampoo George and CUN George the Greek had their little knitting circle and confused us all by always running the opposite direction to the rest of us due to local inside information.


So we were drawn into a huddle to hear MG lie through his shorts about his trail….I never did find out why the police would arrest us if we stepped off blue….could it be MG had made a few checks a bit too close to the ON INN and was trying to avoid the  huge embarrassment of us accidentally shortcutting his route?.....As I say I never found out…..We did however spend immense amounts of energy looking for the famous back check on every check, which was a bit of a mistake as the wily old bugger had only used one….


So we ran for a bit and then we found the ON INN and came back for a beer and for the circle…..where excitement mounted as we had been warned of a HASH WEDDING ceremony and we all know what that means??? Bottles of Champers of course!!



Strawberry Foreskin and Lean Over were seated in a ceremonial manner and then had ridiculous and embarrassing headwear attached and Fair Cop and Playboy 2 did a quick one two, rapper style service, making excellent use of the strange languages of Greece and Lancashire. One particularly moving moment was hearing SF try out an important Greek phrase ‘ bring your mother along too’ while LeanOver responded with a resounding BY ‘ECK……and at last they rose in official hash matrimony to run together forever, wherever and whichever hash that might be for them in the future……sweet or what eh? Who says the Athens Hash has no heart….or brain…..or morals….or culture…..?? Well most people BUT that is because they haven’t given it a go….and I hate with abandon folk who criticise from the lofty heights of complete ignorance…..


Anyway we then gave a few more DIOs to cool us off and Absolut got a 25 badge and mug ….and soon will be sporting a Virgin Hare T shirt for her trail on Hymmetos….oops getting ahead of myself here….the excitement I suppose….B4 that we have a HAMISH MCTAVISH ESQ trail and BBQ on Varkiza Beach. Lets hope we have enough beer and champagne for the fire service when they turn up…..we could do to recruit a few of the boys in blue for the summer hashing to come! ON OFF!!