HARE   Virgin ALEX DE SUYS and Floppy Dick maybe, could be,…Oh alright then I helped a bit….



Scribe Fiery Tw*t




An unusual little starting point for us and a few whinges about the typos in the directions….by people that arrived there safe and sound and not even late, so get a life or what eh? I think we all worked out that we would not be turning 40 kilometres after anything, unless it was a service station half way to Halkida??!


And talking about Halkida, who was hanging around at the start but Napoleon Boneyparts and his good wife, Coffee Crepes….we thought they had left for their chateau in Bordeaux….in fact we had been planning a few summer stopovers around their neck of the woods for a wine tasting with a local guide….but no, here they are, on the side of the road in Pallini….great to have them back….just before they leave to go to their Chateau in Bordeaux….flying the day after the Hash and leaving the packing to come around with us one more time….good hashers eh?


And talking about good hashers,  who wandered up now with his son Tristan in tow ,none other than our virgin hare of 2 weeks experience and one of those he couldn’t make it because of a birthday party…..


And talking about haring, after very little hashing experience…. who should get out of her posh BMW but Born Free….hashed with us over a period of at least 2 years and never set a trail….she has a very, very poor sense of direction, an excuse she has been clinging to for a long while. Watch out Bookmaker is after YOU HOO!


And talking about a poor sense of direction, here rolls up Mountain Goat….never known to follow a trail, as he can’t remember which way is back.


And talking about someone finding their way back, here comes Stress Cow and when we asked where she has been she gave us the same lawyerese she uses on the husband ….somewhere…for sometime….


And talking about somewhere, sometime here comes Coke Dealer in the back of Black Mamba and Prickly Bush’s car as she can never remember where she has been when…


And talking about when…well, now of course, we added a few more to the fold with Cock’s Tale on her bike and Cook the Fook and Bride of Derekula ( that was a very hard name to explain to Tristan, who thought the best name was Cook the Fook but that is only cos he is too young to understand the meaning of Wet Dream). Then last but not least…. Fair Cop and Wet Dream, in good order to collect the money and arrange to welcome 4 visiting hashers (from the 2nd City Chicago Hash….yes Chicago USA) in the shape of Uranus, Paddle Uranus and their children DingleBerry and yet to be named Josh.


And talking about naming…..no wait…not yet….not yet…hold the horses and the ice….. 1st we had a hash…..



So 1st time Hare Alex admitted he nearly died and actually cried setting it…and that they had had a bit of bother trying to find the way back and so had had to use the BLF (bloody long F) to bring some sense to the trail laying…. It didn’t sound good and I was seriously worried we would be coming back a few short, especially as the area is a little hashed one and therefore no possibility of meeting up with an old blue trail to get us round….Oh well, we were off and the 1st few kms were fine with a couple of checks and a few Fs, which supplied some flyers for the flying club….and then it all became a bit of a blur, as the hare (s) seem to have forgotten a good way to keep us all in a bunch is to add a few checks….and then we missed the BLF and this resulted in FT and Uranus going a bit too far…..well I had never expected to see the bridge to Evia but Uranus was sooo enthusiastic with the view it was almost worth the pain …..finally we turned around and found Floppy Dick in a bit of a tizzy swearing we had missed the BLF and explaining we should ignore the ON INN as he had just put in there in the throes of a panic attack……


It seems the hares had really suffered for their trail this week so it didn’t seem polite to point out we were a long way from home and not all of it was downhill…..


So to cut a long trail short….as did a few hashers …e.g the Hare and Cock’s Tale and Cook the Fook for starters….we all made it back to the cars, as did Black Mamba, eventually, with the keys to the car with the beer in it…..one day we will  discuss some technique to get the keys to the beer to stay with the beer…..


And talking about beer we decided to allow Fair Cop to donate some to the throats of thirsty hashers in a less than effective style of punishment…. A few DIOs….


One for the Hare, and one for me, for complaining about the trail, and a few for returnees and a few for  leavers and a couple more for visitors and their offspring. Then Oxymoron accepted the Oxymoron Memorial Down Down, a bit of a double oxymoron that and then Mr RA Fair Cop to arrange a suitable naming for our virgin hasher /hare Alex De Suys and after no consultation or deliberation and a few stout replies of I AM NOT WORTHY with his arse in the ice, we welcomed to the Athens Hash Baron Buggerall, for reasons little understood by man or boy but patently obvious to the RA and that is all Gispert cares about……


And talking about Gispert the father of modern and ancient hashing, he didn’t turn up for the ON INN on Baron Buggerall’s roof…….


ON ON to next week and a Mountain Goat in home territory of Varibobi and god bless the marines if they turn up ‘cos we will need as much help as we can get to face the infamous backcheck of THE most experienced Athens Hasher of all….