HARE s? BLACK MAMBA …..and a possible small smidgin of an F or 2 thrown in by a thorny thicket…..well, she for sure lost her lens cap so there is the evidence….I rest my case m’lud.


VENUE  PENTELI brown black and green sections



Scribe: Fiery Tw*t




And that wasn’t the only thing that made this a MEGA rainbow hash….


Phew, just as I was girding my loins to have to run the circle as the only resident member of the Hash Mismanagement Committee, the screech of a handbrake turn skewed Fair Cop into the last parking spot and out he popped gesticulating and talking on his cyborg ear piece relating megabites of useful info to a desperate customer…..thank the lord for small mercies the gathered hashers cried…they would not have to show me any respect after all!


So we had a nice bunch of bananas waiting to hear the basic outline of what we had ahead of us…..and we had a pretty kooky description provided…we would be running on blue….and red dots and at certain points cairns would come is as the only markers….on the flat, short, no F trail, on the side of a mountain that was going to change colour from black to brown to green and if we were out there long enough, pink…..


A few other new elements had been arranged too….Men-in-Gitis was making good on his pledge to never risk having a chat on a walk with Hamish ever again by RUNNING ….Bouboulina turned out to be the only WALKER….so we sent her for a coffee and doughnuts and Rimjob was ready to run with the rest of us, having paid his hash cash before the off.


And then we were off .Mountain Goat and FT started the uphill drag and found blue easily…always a good start after memories of Shiva trails where blue appears around a 2 day hike from the circle. Coke Dealer and Absolute put on an initial spurt and I hoped that Black Mamba would look out for my baby boy so he wouldn’t be lost on the mountain…. Eh…what is this…MIG with the horn and leading the pack up the steep stony burnt hillside with a few fire sharpened bushes to trip us up….what was going on….I can’t have the little bugger beating me…..


No worries cos at the top…after half an hour of …..Looking, on blue….on red….on cairn….on….Looking…..red…. no blue….no looking again….we hit a track and I checked the right way and that was the last I saw of him…..It was a bit lonely up front tho’ and Black Mamba had been a bit indecisive as to which side, middle or edge he was laying his blue on, so I had to back track a few times but Prickly assured me I was on trail….further evidence of her joint culpability if you ask me….but no one ever does….


Great trail on the mountain tracks and trails and then back to a further section of constant doubts til the red dots appeared again….then we hit the roads and as far as I was concerned it was the ON INN as we had been out for a good 50 minutes and still had a green bloody hill between us and the cars …..and more to the point the beer…..so off I went and took about 5 wrong turns and then gave myself the bugger of a climb up the tarmac back to the circle….but I was there, out in front so who cares that my lungs were bursting and my legs burning….I was gonna get the FRB helmet again….what an honour and an extra DIO as well…..just a little more….just another 10 yards til I see the cars ……AND BLOODY HELL….. there is MIG with Prickly Bush and Cock’s Tail having a chat with Bouboulina after her coffee break….how did that happen????


Talk about humiliation…his 1st real hash….and he beat me…and everyone else….and the really sad thing is that he said he really enjoyed it…chugged his DIOs like a professional and now wants to set a trail…..so there is the next generation of the Athens Hash secured….he just needs to find a few other funny types like himself to keep him company until the centenary…..well next week’s hare Alex de something has kiddies so that could be the start of the kindergarten section…..


Oh and we had a circle…everyone got a DIO and Oxymoron and Ada came late and then we went for pizza….ON ON to Pallini and the  concrete floor hospitality  (he warned us to bring cushions) of new Alex aided and abetted by Floppy Dick….so what a trail that could turn out to be….lets make sure we tell numerous non hashing friends Alex’s address so if he has prepared us a concrete bunker we will have some hope that after a week or two someone will remember that was our last known position…..