AG PNEUMATOS….which is or isn’t a Bank Holiday in Greece….depending if your boss gives you the day off…


HARE  LIVE Fiery Twat


VENUE MARKOPOULOU….where else eh?

















SCRIBE     Fiery Tw*t



So here we go again and this is going to be a strange Shit as obviously I was up front laying and running with a bottle of blue in each hand.

This is not as easy as it sounds, as it adds about 3 kilos in weight….feels like you just decided to go for a run after 5 lagers and your favourite curry…..and it puts you off balance having to stoop and lay and keeps you out of rhythm as you have to stop to draw circles and Fs…..


Anyway enough whinging as Mountain Goat is out and about so he will have that area monopolised….


Men-In-Gitis offered to come along and lead the walkers…turned out the full component was to be Hamish, as the Bride of Derekula and Wet Dream went for a little flat stroll leaving MIG to hear all about the raising, catching, cooking, and eating of ostrich from Mr McTavish…..MIG such a sweet polite boy listened with great interest….so much so he has promised next week to actually run the Hash with us….well done Hamish I couldn’t convince him but you did it for me!


We had a virgin in the shape of Alex….yes another one….seems like a nice chap….lets see if he comes back….


I was given my regulation 10 minute start and neither saw nor heard a hasher til I was home for 15 mins and Cock’s Tail turned up 1st with Black Mamba in not so hot pursuit….then Mountain Goat and Prickly Bush arrived and last but not least a triumvirate of Fair Cop, Cook the Fook and our Virgin …..all back and accounted for.


Circle did not find any misdemeanours on trail….but DIOs were given to Aussies for not being Americans….. Cock’s Tail for FRB and Alex for deciding to come hashing having thought about it for 3 months….a bit of a quick minded individual then eh?


We all went to Sotiris souvlaki except for Prickly and Mamba, who are setting next week’s trail so they needed to leave early to get started…Prickly insists this will be a Mamba only trail so I think this is just to ensure he gets all the blame….


And here for the real Hash Officionados is the menu from the Souvlaki shop….2 litres of wine 6 big beers and multiple softies…3 plates of gyros, 1 kokoretsi, 2 salads, 3 tzatziki, 10 pittas for 9 euros including a very nice tip thank you very much….


ON ON to green parts of Penteli….who cares about the green as long as the beer is cold and plentiful…..