And Chief…but not Karma Kanik due to his slight argument with the tarmac on the streets of Athens ……exfoliation is offered at all the best spas….but KK went a bit far rubbing his skin off all over the road at speed….I am sure we all wish him a quick recovery and after that bit of bad news…. now on to the trail….


Oh yes, that was the 2nd bit of bad news, as Love Bug turned up all a fluster and said that the trail (3hours setting and 25 bags of flour) had been washed away by a freak thunderstorm and now she only had one lonely bag of self raising flour so what could we do…..bake a cake? I like lemon sponge myself…..oh well.


So more hashers turned up to be regaled by the 2 pieces of bad news and all looked less than glum having heard the dimensions of the washed out trail….


 Floppy Dick, our new(ish) GM called us to order and attempts were made at an organised start to impress our US visiting hashers, Mount from the Rear and Me Likey Licky Kaka….(or some version of those) from the Washington DC Hash. Such interesting names needed explanation, so we were asked if we had noted the similarity of the 2nd name to Hawaiian for Merry Christmas……that had us stumped. As much as Greeks are well known for their language abilities. Even Mountain Goat, who has the Greek, English, Italian, Japanese and adding Portuguese shortly, covered….nope no idea of the Hawaiian (you know how hard that is to spell) for give me a beer please…so no chance on Merry Christmas…..well apparently….and this is only taking our US visiting hashers word for it….it sounds very much like Me Likey Licky Kaka……oh and the pretty blonde harriette is named after a mountain in DC….


Wow that was a long intro to a hash shit wasn’t it…..


So lets get down to it….Floppy got dragged by Chief , Love Bug lead from the rear and the front, the visitors kept up well, Born Free, FT and Bookie did a lot of pointless checking….no trail remember…Rear Entry joined us after the 2nd virtual check, Rim Job moaned at the back, Maddog panted along and Cook the F was around to give a helping hand….Prickly snapped everything in sight and Black Mamba tried to make sure Formosa Flyer didn’t turn for home too soon…..oh and Cock’s Tail was sporting a new haircut…..


As I was running I was planning the DIOs I would be fingering people for….misdemeanours and such and this involved a major part of my cortex capacity (brain power to u) and the next thing I know…..silence….no On Ons…no Are U’s? No On Backs…No Looking….Checking….horn blowing…..just the wind in the trees and the birds singing and me trying to drag breath into my lungs…..Never mind I thought to myself ….they won’t abandon me to the night on Penteli…not the caring AHHH…. ( a little aside here that the fire brigade and emergency rescue EMAK are out in Dionysos  as I write, searching for 2 brothers not seen since Monday when they went for a walk on Penteli)


So on and up I went, presuming that I would meet the hash coming down the trail toward me at every bend…..or the next one….or the one after that…..oh well I will make a wee circle round and pick them up on the way down…..mmmmm end of trail in quarry….no way down or up….sun setting over the mountain…dusk descending …..at least the wolves haven’t started howling…..


So back down and round all the bends and a final straight on in to the circle….which had progressed well without me  and 2 minutes later Mountain Goat joined from the opposite direction and we had a DIOs in tandem…one after the other that is.


Then Floppy Dick tied up his 1st circle by asking about next week’s run…… I thought this a bit precipitate….a bit of a quickie circle as I hadn’t even found the Amstel before it was being drawn to a close….better short and sweet they say….but not if it is beer…or wine for that matter….and possibly not good for certain parts of the anatomy either….but apparently I had been out running when I should have been agog with interest and singing a ditty or 2 so no Amstel for me.


So to next week …..yep me again folks LIVE TRAIL  in guess where…. MARKOPOULOU… ( never be inventive on a live trail otherwise you might get caught and as the MMC has just passed a no nudity amendment ….)  And by multiple request no change on the food venue ON INN at to Sotiris souvlaki …..