Our first Monday trail, so it is officially summer in the Athens Hash calendar and MP had done a good job on the cold beer and water front, all piled high on our semi-permanent picnic table outside the Monastery.


An elite group formed and chatted as the air cooled nicely to a perfect temperature for a bit of a romp over the mountainside.


MP seemed to have got everything well organised as the taverna had been warned and had been seen setting the table for our post run repast and even though he turned up on his motorbike he had delegated well to other hashers to support his efforts with supplies….it must be because he is such a polite quintessential Englishman that is used to running the Empire that he commanded such respect from fellow hashers…..when I ask for help everyone is always busy with their nail varnish polishing…..


Anyway ready for the off RA Fair Cop asked MP into the circle to describe our evening trail and he being a true diplomat ‘was abroad and lied for his country’ with the usual tale of flat, short and easy terrain…. He explained the route for the walkers ….out n back the usual way and then waved an ON ON hand toward the mountain and off we went…


FT up front followed by Born Free, and Absoslut and Bookmaker. At the rear Faircop and Fook the Cook strolled and discussed the world food crisis…or was it beer prices?.


Our new GM Floppy Dick kept a respectable position in the middle…practicing his fence sitting I should think.


A nasty little F awaited up a gully to pull the front runners back and then a couple of loops of the main track that run round Hymetos followed, as we enjoyed views over to Salamina and the Peleponese.


All going terribly well then as girl power pulled ahead and the boys wept at the female domination….I think there were tears ?


We lost the trail for a while and looked to our hare for an odd clue or 2…..mmmm when was the last time we had seen the Big SH*T…No help from that quarter then. So, with much tooing and froing,  (I know this is wrong and spell check can’t help but you know what I mean eh?) we found a few splashes of blue and got to the next check eventually.


Then a slight hiccough as the trail headed into scrub and mountainside verticals and our calling of ARE YOU and ON ON brought 2 offers of help….one for a couple who had found the black dog we had been frantically searching for…..NOT and the other from a passing fire engine who thought we had managed to get stuck half way up a mountain and needed assistance to descend….no we were on blue and definitely going UP.


Soon enough all scrabbling over, some hashers found an ON INN and some didn’t, but we all arrived back well exercised and bronzed and ready for our beers….And yes the walkers were back too, so no search party needed….and finally our hare sauntered in and asked if we had enjoyed ourselves and we all politely replied that we had thank you very much…..I am telling you it is an automatic inbred response to his leadership genes….We then rewarded him further for his not bothering to join us on trail and gave him a beer or 2….


To the circle then with FairCop’s beacon shining in the shadow of the huge plane tree. Awards given out 25.50 and 300….can only remember that our Floppy Dick GM got 25 and Maddog had his 300th…..the 50 eludes me…..maybe due to the fact of me being shocked on 2 counts with the Maddog award….


First he wasn’t there to get awarded….or at least he was at the end but not at the beginning, but I suppose it still counts otherwise Oxymoron would only have done 2 hashes…..yes he had rolled up late with Doggy Style and Bouboulina while we were out and about.


Secondly 300 is a BIG DEAL….and all he got was a little badge…..and our rousing serenade of course….but nowhere near enough of a fuss…..


Apparently the Mismanagement Committee has it all IN HAND….the mind boggles and we await with baited breath and hopeful expectation for huge celebrations to follow at Maddog’s 301st/2nd or 3rd run….Good things come to those who wait they say…..


ON ON to Love Bug and KarmaKanic Hash up the backside of Penteli….hope they have enough flour this time??