Twin-Cheeks Moonshine Hash House Harriers (Athens, Greece)

Friday 23rd May 2008

Run No. 82

Greek Island of Angistri

Hare: Shunt

Scribe: Hamish






Friday evening 7 pm on Angistri Island about 30 hashers from all over Europe assembled outside our Fab hotel ROSIES where all were expected to run the Twin Cheeks Full Moon H3 82nd run. Hare was the TM of the hash - the infamous Shunt - who had spent most of the day setting the run.

So very shortly after 7 pm off went the pack - and as imagined the trail lead to the nudist beach  where earlier in the day Shunt had spent plenty of time recceing the trail - although somewhat detracted by the nubile naked nymphs lying on the beach. But when the hash reached the same spot at after 7 pm all the nymphs had departed - so alas the pack went without !!

So onwards and upwards went the pack at full speed - by now realising the quicker they returned to the bucket the more Champagne awaited the front runners. So the sight of Lick'mm moving at stop speed was a sight to behold.

And when the pack arrived at the bucket they were regalled by The Bride of Derekula downing her 2nd Bottle with aplomb !! But the AH3 in its wisdom had reckoned on her thirst so had provided quite a few extra bottles so no one went without. The circle was short and to the point. All thought the run excellent and all confirmed they would return for the 83rd Run - date to be determined !! - Shunt to be hare again.

Then when the Champagne was all gone off we went down to the town to the Taverna next to the church beginning with an A !! Which we found and then pestered the owner for oodles and oodles of wine interpersed with some food . The evening thus degenerated downwards - stories next day spoke of Harriettes dancing Commando style on the Taverna tables - Hashers falling off their seats - very few remembering how they got back to their beds - vague memories of what we all had eaten.

        Shunt & Hamish        

So a memorable evening - and that was only the first part of the w/end - so what was to happen over the next 2 days !!!