Angistri Spring Island Weekend 2008

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Saturday 24th May
AH3 Run 1586


There is a longstanding tradition of mismanagement in the Athens Hash, but in an attempt to turn over a new leaf, we decided to take onboard the methods of one of the largest organisations in the world: The American Military.

And so it was that Wet Dream and I arrived in Angistri after everyone else, took all their money, and gave out T-Shirts. There was an air of ruthless efficiency as Wet dream presented accounts, and I was delegated to distribute T-shirts. There was barely time for three large beers before the hares appeared, and the pack assembled for their second hash of the weekend. Virgin Captain, Likk'm, Brokeback Crack and Village Idiot set off at Visitors Pace, with Floppy Dick keeping them company. The rest of the pack followed in a formation that could be a new collective noun; A school of dolphins, An exhaltation of larks, A straggle of Hashers.

  Pop Up had produced a fine trail, with a single, truly inexplicable, oversight. The pack were held on a check, without a drop of alcohol,  outside a beer and wine depot which was stocked to the roof and open for business. The temptation seemed to last an eternity, and ended with collective disbelief as On-On was called. There should be rules to prevent this sort of thing.

The on-inn along the coast road passed a number of open hostelries, without sign of diversion or delay, so the circle formed in a somewhat parched state. I felt that as R.A. I had a duty to rectify the situation. Starting with the hares, the visitors, the latecomers, Pink Shorts, the frontrunners, the flying club, the shy and retiring,Pink Shorts(again), the talkative and intrusive, , New GM, former RA and Pink Shorts (well, they were very pink!) and various other offenders.

Evening meal was arranged by Oxymoron, and a fine job he did. Plenty of food and copious wine allowed the party to eventually wander off happily in search of Eurovision. For the second Hash weekend in a row, the much hyped karaoke machine fell victim to apathy. Perhaps it will be third time lucky in Paros (last weekend in September 2008 - book now!). We managed a few tipples back at Rosie's, where Rowed Runner and Bride of Derekula demonstrated a natural talent for the "Animal Signs" game, BrokebackCrack failed at the first attempt to say "Ducky Fuzz", and I decided that "Chinny-Chinny" could wait for another time.

<Any reports of events between the end of the previous paragraph and the beginning of the next are hearsay and speculation>

Sunday 25th May
AH3 Run 1587

Sunday dawned with bright, sparkling head, and empty stomach, while outside the sky was clouded and leaden and the seas were churning....?
Sunday dawned with bright, sparkling sea, and empty sky while inside the head was clouded and leaden and the stomach was churning.

The coffee took a bit of a hammering on the breakfast buffet, but most hashers managed to make the 11am start of Preston Pete's trail. Suffice to say that it included several good views of the nudist beach, but chickened out of actually crossing it. There then followed a circle whose main purpose was to fill the inordinately long time between the end of the hash and the start of lunch. Highlights included the hairy bottom crack inspection, a fine rendition of 'Jesus can't go hashing' and an interminable series of Hash Jokes. Lunch and more wine were provided by Rosie, and the Hash Crap was piled into Cook the Fook's car.

There was a final brief panic as Mad Dog tried to extract the ice bags which he'd pushed into the icebox of his room's fridge, only to find that they'd frozen, expanded and locked solid. Just what you'd expect from mismanagement. Perhaps he could take another lesson from the American Military and just blow it up!

On-On to Paros