Date:  27th April 2008


Run: 1582



Venue: Maroussi


Hare: Cook The Fook


Scribe: Hamish McTavish Esq.






On a sunny Orthodox Easter Sunday 8 intrepid hashers ventured to a run set from Cook the Fooks house - where after the run/walk all were promised a Greek Easter Sunday feast washed down with copious wines.
So at 11 am the 8 Hashers plus hare Cook the Fook and his then currently unnamed wife Sheila set out - 5 runners, 3 walkers and 2 cooks/drinkers.

The area being so close to the Olympic complex was understandably centred on the complex.
What the Hare had  not appreciated was the neighbour deciding that he should have his loudspeaker at optimum decibels - well over 100 - so the noise from this ensured all did not get lost  - even at a huge distance away from the start.
The Olympic Complex was as usual virtually devoid of people so all hashers could see each other from a vast distance apart.
Meanwhile back at the Ranch ( no house ) the then currently unnamed Sheila was having kittens deciding how exactly to cook the carrots - so many ways went through her brain at speed she should be entered in to the Guinness Book of Records for having more ways than anyone else.

The 3 walkers then returned and grabbed the best seats in the small very well sheltered courtyard - and proceeded to drink and drink and drink.
Finally the 5 runners appeared.
Fair Cop then conducted the circle with all sitting down around the table.
He showed us next weeks free TEE.
Then it was decided that the curently unnamed Sheila should be given a Hash name - but what ??- all had different ideas.  Finally by a minute majority it was decreed it be Bride of Derekula
Meanwhile Cook the Fook had been finalising the feast - and then it was produced'
And what a feast!

Apart from the traditional Greek  Easter requirements of BBQ Lamb, Kokoretsi it included a multitude of other dishes - Yorkshire Puddings galore (From Yorkshire where else ), Irish Roast Potatoes , Vietnamese Salad (with oodles of Mint ), USA Beef, Sheilas Carrots (and Cook the Fook did not comment!!!! ), Peas a la Francaise, Welsh Mashed potatoes - followed by two different Sweets and all washed down with litres of white and red wines. And all for 10 EUROS.

And so the afternoon passed in a typical hash way - eating , drinking and talking nonsence
And so until we all met again next Sunday