Venue: Kessariani

Date: 20 April 2008

Run: 1581

Hares: Stress Cow & The Bookmaker

Scribe: Hamish McTavish Esq.



On a beaut weather wise sunday all hashers ventured up into the hills above Athens to run , walk, crawl.zimmer frame a trail set by Stress Cow - with some help ? from The Bookmaker
And we had visitors  - yes more than one !!

Napoleon brought 2  - so he does have friends ??  - an Aussie from the Gold Coast appeared - Question   ? had he got lost from his last weeks Hash  - a possibility as he said he was a long distance runner.

So shortly after 11 am off we set - and what beaut scenery - forests to the left of us   - forests to the right  of us - so into the forests ran the brave - No not the 600 !! - only the brave 15 !!  Tennyson ( nickname Alfred ) take note where ever you now are.

The Bookmaker celebrated the day by falling not once but twice . Boubilina bemoaned the lack of Tortoises  so no one to cuddle !! Oxy Arrived without 21 gun salute and promptly started complaining  the Tribes around did not give him the applause he warranted .Clitoria keep telling all about her ex and how fab he was  with the kids and how much she missed him - was it April 1st !! - until we all nearly fell asleep listening to her - Adolf take note.

All thought both the run and walk excellent. Stress Cow beamed at the compliments she received  . So much so there were hardly any complaints from her - a record I would say
The circle was conducted with applomb . all drank their down downs with another so hash beer rapidly was finished.

And then off to the Taverna . And then the day really fell into a heap . The Hare had not booked , telephoned we were coming so we were shunted inside whilst all the locals laughed at us foreigners eating inside on such a glorious day.

And then we tryed to order . Sorry no house wine other than Retsina  !! All other by the glass at vast expense . And then the food . Whilst the presentation was first rate quality was terrible - meat was sure tough , Fava nothing like Santorini  standard and etc etc  Reckon James Oliver would have committed Hari Kari if he had been present   - so a great pity - a Taverna that ruined what had been a fab day to then.

So future Hares take note - Run  must be first rate  but also Taverna must be first rate
ON ON Hamish
PS Cook The Fook promises a cullinary extravanganza next week - the Easter feast - Lamb - Kokoretsi leaking blood all over - All the requirements of a genuine Greek Easter with many litres of wine ( AND NOT RETSINA ).