Double whammy for me as I decided to make sure not to leave everything to the last minute and so went out Friday afternoon and set my hash is beautiful sunshine and imagined all the AHHH oooing and aahhhing over the gorgeous Spring flowers and the fab views in Virgin territory for the Athens Hash…….


Then the heavens opened all day Saturday and Saturday night the rains poured and poured and washed away all my lovely trail…..why oh why does it always happen to me? What terrible thing have I done to the RA that he cannot once let me have  normal meteorological conditions…..and no co-hare to blame this time either…..


So what to do…..but get up at the crack of dawn Sunday and go and set it AGAIN…..and it was still raining on me and I was running out of dry clothes and trainers b4 the end and could see cars gathering down in the valley as I piped out ON INN AGAIN with new flour on top of the old dough that had glued itself to rocks and camouflaged itself as lichen.


So finally I was done eh? Time to put my feet up and let the AHHH enjoy my work?…..No not quite, as I was going to have to shepherd them all round AGAIN.


So with less than my usual enthusiasm I watched the clouds blackening the sky in a threatening manner and was called to order by Cook the Fook to explain myself and the trail to the gathering circle. All I asked was that it didn’t rain on me AGAIN….


I set Men-in-Gitis the task of taking the walkers for a stroll up the mountain to a lovely hidden valley with church, water spring and temple for them to enjoy and then turned to the runners to apologise for my inability to lead my own trail from the front and shouted ON ON downhill for a change.


This start left Mountain Goat at the back pouting that he was too experienced to be caught out by an early downhill F……and lots of ground to catch up when it turned out to be a real trail and let the fun begin…with Floppy Dick and Bookmaker leading the pack .


Slowly but surely the clouds blew away and the sun shone on the flower filled meadows and I slowly cheered up a little and thought that perhaps we might get away with it…..and we did.


Mountain Goat proceeded to climb every slope that had nothing whatsoever to do with the trail I had laid….he really is a masochist as his legs showed as he popped up over the horizon from the direction of the nearest abyss.


Stress Cow had joined us in time to stay at the back the whole way with gallant CTF or Black Mamba keeping her company. Prickly Bush stayed up front despite stopping for the unusual flora photos and Floppy Dick wavered towards the end to keep pace with CU Myrto


Not a drop of rain fell as we climbed back up the valley side and on to the top for views over both coasts to Evia and Aegina at the same time, for those who made it to the mega F pylon. Then we skipped along an old donkey path skirting high above the valley below and popped out in time for a quick F up the church/temple dell and then ON INN winging our way past the happy little walking band.


Other than unimaginable amounts of whinging from Bookmaker about the stony path all we could hear were the birds and the bees and it really had turned into a beautiful Spring day.


Back at the circle we moved a few times to get out of the wind and found a great sheltered spot where we had a bit of an anarchic circle with a few awards and most people lounging around on the grass taking in the rays.  We kept it short to make sure the champagne hamper Coke Dealer had brought did not warm up too much and then proceeded to share in goodwill all her goodies…..


Menu of the day included ….coronation chicken, meatballs, homemade pizza, pork pies, and more and more cucumbers but none of a size to interest the hariettes…..we finished off with strawberries and chocolate biscuits washed down with Amstel yum yum


I must say it is the best Hash taverna in years and we should do more of this al fresco eating and peeing as it is good for the planet.


On on to a Prickly Bush and Black Mamba extravaganza on an orchid filled trail somewhere on a mountain near them!