Venue: Ano Melissia


Run: 1578


Date: 30th March 2008-04-03


Scribe: Cook The Fook








Friday came and it absolutely tanked down - wasn't fit to send a dog out, never mind our KumKwik. So my thoughts were with him, wondering what sort of trail would there be. Anyway, Saturday came and it brightened up and then it got even better by Sunday. It was amazingly red-hot, t-shirt weather. The RA must have prayed really, really hard. We picked a newcomer up on the way, by arrangement, of course, not someone just bundled into the car as they were walking along the street. His name is John and he works with Kumkwik for his sins. Wonder what he made of us? Will he come back?

So quite a few of us were there this week for the t-shirt design competition. Everyone had to have his/her design in by the end of the month. So much enthusiasm! Well, we managed two entries (the winning entry goes on our spring island vest). Maybe the free bananas  were drawing the crowds - who knows?

Fair Cop called the circle to order and off we went. A falsie first, there's a novelty. Then over the hills and far away.
It was certainly far away - we went through streams and puddles and the like. People were shouting, "Onon!" all over everywhere, but we had no hare! He was off leading the walkers. What were we to do?  Prickly Bush seemed quite furtive and was acting kind of strange - not that anyone really noticed - ......... to start with...... but as we progressed  we realised she must have had inside information, so we were in her power and had to do as we were told, or else. Soon we were heading into a disused quarry - another falsie! Then she led us onward and upward over a mountain, shouting,"Onon!" as she went. Mind you, there were those of us that never saw any flour and had to take her word for it. Next, we were going down into a ravine. We all scrabbled - I think someone got a triple word score. Then, as we started up the other side, all one could see was a very steep incline out of the place. As soon as we began clambering up, there were shouts of, "Below!"  and "Look out !" We were climbing up a very loose shaley  hillside indeed. We all made it eventually and onon to easier things. Despite all that hard climbing, no one went flying, then Black Mamba went, and as we were nearly home, in sight of the on in, Fair Cop went too. Claims he fell over a dog.  But we know, don't we children, we know.

Fair Cop summoned the circle and we began with offenses on trail  Scrubber told us of a  joint watering of said trail  by Spanish Fly and Bouboulina. No wonder the ground was so wet. Clitoria (God bless her) stood in for Fiery Twat and awarded the FRB to Napoleon's Bony Part. Floppy Dick introduced  himself to  everyone, as not all present went to Tyros last w/end and so some didn't know that Richard had been named. Pretty uneventful really, apart from Mad Dog having had to sell his liver to pay for his camera to be fixed after falling with it some weeks before. Ninety euros, could have bought a new one for that and got a free dolly bird to pose for him. (No, I know a shop with specials. Honest!)

On to the taverna. The food and service were good and everyone enjoyed themselves, I'm sure.

I wonder what next week will bring?  It's advertised as a picnic Fiery Twat and picnic- don't sort of go together in the same sentence, do they!

That's it. Watch this space and see!