Date:   SUNDAY 23RD MARCH 2008




Hash: AH3




Scribe: FIERY TW*T





So a bit of a theme on the Athens HHH and Splash HHH weekend….always start at the lowest point to make best use of mountainous terrain….


Athens Hash had roped in the returnee Thrush to give us a taste of the old days of hashing when Thrush has been known to take 2 days to set a hash as it got dark b4 he could finish the trail……we all had our fingers crossed that the Copenhagen hash had mellowed him …..they serve hot chocolate and sandwiches apparently, so the extra calorie intake could have taken the edge off.


So we all gathered again….with a different set of virgins in the shape of Glenn, Nick and Liza and lacking Love Bug and Karmakanik as they had to go shovel rubble at their house….shame we could not pop over and help but tradition means we are all actively engaged elsewhere at 11am on a Sunday morning. We were also hoping that Thrush’ trail did not take in removal of unwanted fridges from one of his houses up in the mountain village perched above us….as I seem to remember had been a NON optional extra the last time he visited…..


Circle on the beach and advice to walkers to follow Cleopatra and Shaggy Dog then we were ON ON up the bloody beach…..have you ever tried running on uneven pebbles and staying upright….not an easy multitask activity for anyone let alone recovering pissheads….Nevermind because after we had slipped and slid  1km on the beach we all were met by a great big F….so we got to get extra practice coming back and started to worry as we seemed to be surrounded by the sea on one side an a suicidal cliff on the other…..Yes somehow Thrush had located a faint goat track up the cliff face and with the help from a hand from the Hasher above or below….I preferred above to be honest, we all made it up to the top and well drawn circle met us on a track. Guess what? The ON ON was uphill….for the next 3 checks bar the 2 Fs that were most certainly NOT OFF A CHECK Bones take note!...They were both uphill though. So surprise surprise we end up in Melana…Thrush and Cleopatra’s mountain hideaway……and refused to check anywhere near their house/s in case there were a few old cookers  they needed taking down to Livadi!


We found the trail finally and it was taking a downward direction so we whooped for joy, pointed Nick the virgin in the wrong direction again….(we had to slow him down somehow!), and set off helter-skelter toward the sea…..Excellent planning meant that we had a beer stop at the house we have for sale  although I did not like the trail of flour up the stairs and out onto the balcony for another F, beer  and time to enjoy the view and point out the best features to potential buyers (Thrush’s commission on sale is only 3% not bad for a Yorkshire man eh?)


5 minutes leisurely stroll down a private path had us back to the beautiful beach at Livadi….oops forgot to leave out the Estate Agent spiel…..anyway its true .


So to the AHHH circle run by our GM Cook the Fook or the other way around…..much DIOing was had and our virgins enjoyed the 4th  question immensely and we then had a nice red egg game to finish off b4 the taverna ……shame we forgot the chocolate eggs in our fridge but you can’t have everything


ON ON presumably to the beach in Melissia and a KUM KWIK go slow trail.