Sunday 16/03/2008


Run no. 1576

Venue Mount Pendeli

Scribe GM Cook The Fook




This run started normally with me being first there and wondering if I was in the right place. Lack of Hash signs, as usual, but by the time I'd erected the flag and put up the T-shirt display an odd Hasher turned up, then another, then the Hares arrived and said they had just put more signs. Quite soon there were 100's of people (well 27, to be precise) Must have been something enticing these Hashers - maybe it was the thought of a proper run organised by Coke Dealer and CUAndrew  (little did they know) Maybe it was the weather - it was a beautiful spring day. Suddenly I remembered the after-the-run event . Perhaps that was the reason for the good attendance?  So much competition to make the perfect curry. No taverna this week.  Beer, wine and curry back at Coke Dealer's pad. Whoo Hoo! And word must have travelled round Athens quicker than a bush fire that the Bookmaker was making and bringing one of his world famous HOT and SPICY curries. They make you want to go back for more.

Anyhow, we started off on this epic trail. Walkers were told the walk might be a bit short but if they got bored they could go round again. Runners set off to find a falsie, which is quite normal. Then we were off  - well, sort of. Got to a check. Everyone was shouting, "On on," nobody knowing which way to go. Three falsies off one check!  (The hares admitted later that they had not read the rul.... I mean guide lines until after they had set the trail) One hasher was heard to say that this was the worst flipping trail he'd ever been on. Mind, he's not done so many and never on his own. Anyway, a hare decided which way was up so we had a different run from what we are used to, but everyone complained and whinged and bitched  very nicely  without any malice at all, plus the fact we didn't lose anyone.

The circle commenced with marks for the hares (which for some reason are always  6.9) I'm afraid we could only manage a 1, although someone said it should have been a 10. Could have been Fiery Twat - you never know what's going on inside that one's pretty little head! Anyway CUAndrew who was co-hare, bless him, received his virgin hare t-shirt and complained a lot because it was too big for him. It was second-hand, covered in black ash and all sweaty (just think what we would have done to it if he'd laid a good trail)  We  then came to offences on trail. Fair Cop had to DIO for short cutting. Surely not -  a man of his calibre and RA to boot! Fiery Twat was injured on trail and Mountain Goat ripped his T-shirt. Neither let on how it all happened but we Hashers know, don't we....

We welcomed Chris, a virgin Hasher. Now, that's a thought.  If it's Clitoria's job to check the men, then surely a man must check the females? Must bring that up at next MMC meeting. We then welcomed returnees, Martin Coombes and Formosa Flyer, who also collected his 100th run mug.  It's taken him 9 years, which must be a record in itself.  Just as Stress Cow was receiving the late comer's award Maximus Poo arrived in a little blue van complete with family inside. The circle seemed to just open and engulf them mysteriously, never to be seen again (no, I'm lying - even Hashers haven't got that kind of power) No, we just gave him a DIO and he then pissed off - a bit of an anticlimax, really. I wonder if he will ever get the beer stains off the van and if it has ever been done before? With all this excitement over, Fiery Twat was presented with the new FRB award and she promised to take good care of it. Prickly Bush received The Shit of the Week award complete with a fresh skid mark, some said provided by the GM himself, but he's not letting on!

Next on the agenda, the crowd was calling for a naming,  but who would it be? CURichard, CUSheila or CUAndrew? Spoilt for choice, really, but Andrew (Bones as everyone calls him) was chosen, as he's about to go back to the UK with all his ill gotten gains ( I'm not saying he's tight but he squeaks when he walks) The RA, Fair Cop,  started the proceedings as usual with the namee being placed in a bowl of ice and water, but the little worm wouldn't be still so what happened? Clitoria, that's what. That stopped him squirming around. She just sat on him all through the ceremony. I think the RA, Fair Cop, must be going soft or something, as he then proceeded to name him Bones. Out of all the choices, Bone of Contention, T-Bone, Lazy Bones, Boner and I thought it should have been Crushed Nuts. (Imagine Clitoria sitting on your nether region for twenty minutes!) So with the naming of Bones over with we moved on to next week's run, a special action-packed weekend of fun and frolics in the Peloponnesus.

Closing this epic circle we all sped off to Coke Dealer's for this long-awaited curry, which was really excellent. There was so much food, but it didn't last long. Hungry Hashers resemble swarming locusts. Still, everyone had made a good effort to contribute to the refreshments.
It was a really enjoyable afternoon which will be remembered by all.

One final note.
 I always think curries are good value. I mean, it's all hot and spicy on the way down and still hot and spicy on the way out!

Onon. Cook the Fook.