Venue: Thorikos (near Lavrio)

Run:     1574    

Date:    2nd March 2008   (Still Carnival time here in Greece)

Hares:  Black Mamba & Prickly Bush

Scribe: Hamish


New territory - so new most had huge problems finding where it was. So much so the run did not start until 11.30 and still hashers were coming or trying to come.

Latecomers were legion.  Oxymoron if he had come would have been on time - Bouboulina bless her spent a good 30 mins in her car traversing the adjacent road so many times the car drove itself .
Stress Cow came with passport as excuse - border control cost her at least 40 mins delay.
Clit and Scarlet P did come but not seen until run had ended - so where had they been ???
Kum Kwik arrived with Leanover - she sure deserves her hash name - in fact an extreme Leanover - walking just like her grandmother!! A motorised Zimmer frame is called for!!
Finally off we went - from an attractive beach just along the coast from Lavrio
Walkers who were meant to be on white ignored that suggestion and followed blue - so up and up the adjacent hill they went -   finally at top a tomb built as if Mycenaean - so 3500 years old - then the runners appeared lead by Mt Goat - who looked as if he was the next candidate for the tomb!!

Photos were taken and then all descended from the peak in different directions - most down to visit the Theatre - closed for the day - next performance due next w/end hashers allowed free admittance. So put it in your diary!!
The circle on the beach . What a change from 2 w/ends ago - we could have had a BBQ - it was so warm. Down downs for all.  The Song Maister excelled himself . So many new songs were sung!!
Then off to an adjacent Fish Taverna - quantity and quality A1 - and cost a measly 12.50 Euros
So future hares note - a cloudless sky, new running and walking territory and low cost Taverna. What more does the AH3 want??