Date: 27th January 2008 
Run: 1569


Hares:  Hamish
Scribe: Hamish


It was a joint run - the AH3 and the TCFMH3 - down in Ano Glyfada ( thats an Oxymoron )- Hare was Hamish
And because 1 day after OZ day the runners had to drink some genuine BUNDY rum washed down with a vegemite sandwich ( In the southern hemisphere it would be the other way round !! )

Off nearly 30 runners went up a small hillock to the top of the mountain where they had a view almost as far as OZ . Coke Dealer reckoned she could see Sydney harbour bridge in the distance.
But no champagne stop so all being thirsty charged off along a fire trail suitable marked
And what happened when the chalk ran out - they continued running and running along the fire trail !! Eventually and it was eventually they realised no trail . So back so many Ks they came until finally they found the downwards trail perfectly laid.

So down at speed they all went passing a beaut ( note not beat up ) up market BMW which many considered worth appropriating .

Then on to the home trail set by the georgeous Boubulina and eventually back to the simple Champagne bucket where corks popped left , right and centre. The locals were suitably impressed.

Then the circle . Both RAs performed as expected. Down downs for them were copious . Others hashers got a little. Kum Kwik as both RA and Manniquin for the Full Moon was an impressive figure in both capacities. The 3 virgins in attendance were suitable impressed .

And when all the champagne was gone off to the Taverna - except it was not a Taverna !! It said it was an Ouzeri !! Excitment therefore by all . But alas it was in reality a Taverna . However in this capacity it surpassed its self . Masses of hot starters followed by fish, fish and more fish and washed down by copious carafes of wine plus beer - and the cost 12 euro a head !! And Absolute insisted we had ordered too much . We think she all wants us to be as thin as Bones. So just think of Oxy and Kum Kwik looking like Bones !!!! Enough said

ONON to next joint run.