6th Jan 2008 so Epiphany ….Bless you!




11am….everyone on time due to the unusual wake up call of the 6.5 earthquake at 7.14am…..would have thought it would have been easier for MMC to organise a roundrobin  wake up call but no they decided to organise a tremor of gargantuan proportions felt as far away as Malta!


VENUE: Agios….whatever church in Politeia…you know the one next to the taverna so we don’t need to drive from circle to table and so avoid drunk and disorderly charges until we leave for home.


HARE: Rear Entry….which is becoming a bit of a tradition, and long may it last as he gets a good Vasilopita and pops a good bottle of champers or 2…or 5


And this being my first of the year I thought I would go for a first too and  write up the hash shit while I was still pissed from the various receptacles full of champagne and beer I had to drink.


So cold morning it must be said, nice collection of hashing runners and wa*kers and a virgin to boot in the shape of Myrto. She only came to drive her better half, Richard, as he had begged her, as he was unable to drive due to a wrist injury…..common enough in the male of the species when they have had an extended holiday period and very little to occupy their time…..very understanding of Myrto as other girls might have felt that they should have had more of their man’s attention…..

 But apparently Myrto is a modern sort of girl and has lived abroad and so has a more accepting attitude to Richard’s activities…….* see end of Hash Shit for details of said activities so as not to offend anyone not so broadminded.


So gathered we were and enticed into order to hear the usual load of bullshit spouted by the hare about the flat and short run we would be experiencing. He appointed Bouboulina to take the wa*kers round….and most importantly bring them back and then waved his hand in the vague direction of the church and suggested the ON ON might be found in the vicinity.


And so began the first unaided ascent of the mountain of rubbish and burnt forest behind the church where we hit a road stretching upwards and set off trying to forget the beauty of the green tree clad environs we used to enjoy up here. Trail was well laid and we had plenty of blue to mark the 8 checks and 1 falsie. The bare surroundings meant we could see short cutting bastards in the multicoloured hash attire as they failed to return to trail but cut corners and loops in an indiscriminate manner. We had to remember not to pull on any handy branches to heave ourselves up the inclines as all the bits came away in your hand and left you looking like you had being setting up the bbq for an army. We also respectfully stepped over the charred corpses littering the hillside….don’t worry no lost hashers…..just the tortoise population of Pendeli.


We found the ON INN next to yet another church which serenaded us on our way with liturgical wailing which we responded to with ON INN calls as we winged past the last blue and up the road to our trestle table set as our altar and covered in hash finery…..cake and champers HURRAH!


Bookmaker came in first being an SCB of mega proportion, Born Free and Napoleon came in as the French contingent, Richard jogged a few steps to prove to Myrto it had been worth getting out of bed, and RimJob was the tailender as he was seen entering a local house beckoned by a lady in little attire to be wished, Kali Chronia!.....he says it was his sister….but that didn’t stop Borat did it?


We then spent half an hour gorging ourselves on cake and champagne and Scarlet Pimperknickers got the flouri and so the good luck for the year. It was good to have the chance for a chinwag swapping  a few old hash stories and comparing hash injuries before we were called to order once again….


The circle was a strange affair as various traditions were upheld and others trampled. 6.9 remains the judged worth of an AHHH trail, but hats could be worn by those who had got one for free…..The usual DIOs were drunk and then for some poor pathetic reason only brought up cos Bookmaker is such a RAT, I had to drink my DIO out of an important piece of Hash equipment for a cold day….my hot water bottle!


ON ON to a Bookmaker trail….(wot again…we just got over the last one) in Spata…that is near the airport and not in the Peloponnese so no using that old chestnut as an excuse.


OOPS nearly forgot * Richard fell off his UNICYCLE……not a lot you can say after that really eh?