SCRIBE: Fiery Tw*t




When we woke with the excitement of Founder’s Day in our veins ….you know the feeling…just like xmas morning when you were 6 and you are sure that Father Xmas will have finally brought you the pony you have been asking for…..we jumped out of bed and pulled back the curtains to enjoy the view of Evia across the bay….just to find a window battered with rain and a howling wind re-arranging the balcony furniture……oh dear…..


Now for some hashers…namely and shamedly, Maddog and Doggy Style, that was the end of the Founder’s Day experience…as they stuck a dvd on and climbed back into bed……they rang MMC members and told them of their decision and even tried to convince others to join them……not in their bed of course….. the hash is not THAT debauched….well at least not nowadays (as Rat Arsed and Gobbler have decamped to Blighty).


Anyway back to the reality of getting the car loaded up with beer and softies while the gods emptied their pisspot on us…..one bright spot being we did not need to pick up ice…


Off we set in a forthright stiff upper lip type manner….remembering how bad it could get and reminiscing about other very wet hashes (check out MG live trail from Parnitha teleferique station where we had to have the circle in our cars……or a day at the German Cemetery when the circle lasted 5 and one half seconds before downpour sent us off to the taverna)


But low and behold, as we drew nearer to Kaletzi, spots of blue sky appeared and at the picnic area we had only drips off the trees to wet the cars…..could it be that our RA had being doing all the right things to placate the weather gods???….


Sure enough, as the AHHH gathered the wind dropped and the sun appeared and more and more hashers rolled up…it looks like it will be a FAB day for running….another vintage trail set by Bookmaker who knows all the tricks to keep us on out toes and, in some cases, our bums, on the way round….


And as Bookmaker told us, there had indeed BEEN a FAB trail….24 hours earlier and 5 inches of rain earlier too…..a spectacularly well laid trail with naughty Fs and numerous CHECKS and view stops and ….and ….and….. it remained to be seen how much of it was now visible within the normal range of human sight….


However before we were pointed in a general direction Bookmaker read out an email from our FOUNDER, BRIAN GRAY from the UK, wishing us all the best for the run and promising…..yet again it must be said, to join us again at some later unspecified time in the future….possibly 2008?



So finally we  ‘On On’d that away!’ and Bookmaker surreptitiously hid a bag of blue flour up his shorts for those important moments where the trail might turn out to be ‘slightly obscure’……


So that was it really….we found odd spots of blue, generally just after Bookmaker had had his hand up his shorts and then accidentally noticed he was standing on the blue…silly him eh? We spent ages checking for no known reason and jogged off in different directions just for the fun of it…..Chief and Zak had numerous dogfights that did not include any spitfire noises and were brought under control by Love Bug wading into the fray and Black Mamba offering smelly cubes of cheese….oh and there was an ON INN along a great track with views of Marathon Lake.


Mountain Goat was heard to shout an occasional ARE YOU from opposite sides of the dam, lake or National Road…..Vicky turned out to be a HORNY BITCH as she refused to hand the Horn on at checks (what checks?) or beep the horn when on blue (what Blue?)….oh and  I, (Fiery Twat) made it home first as I am  the best runner and not because I ran through Checks (what Checks?) without calling them……


So back in the picnic clearing we gathered for the Traditional Founder’s Day Photograph which becomes Mr Gray’s xmas card from AHHH. Prickly Bush managed to get in one of the photos for a change and oh yes….the hash dogs had another fight which sent Karmakanik arse over tip in spectacular fashion…..

Scrubber distributed chocolate brownies which were very much appreciated and I became the Beer Bitch from hell as I actually filled up the mugs…although I must say no one complained that they had TOO much beer in the DIOs…..


Another year over….I think we might be looking at the BIG 30….2008….imagine what the MMC will be planning for that salubrious occasion  ……I hardly dare think…..but one suggestion could be that we actually have a trail next year???


ON ON to the wilds of Syngrou Park and Strawberry Foreskin’s favourite taverna…..dunno why as Prickly Bush is the Hare ??!