Report on Run 1560 (AH3 ) and inaugrial run H4 (halkida hash house harriers )


Location: Halkida


Date: 25 November 2007


Run: 1560


Hare: Napoleonís Bony Part


Scribe: Hamish McTavish Esq.






Up towards the north of Greece nearly 30 AH3 hashers travelled.

Apart from 2 all arrived before the normal   11 am starting time - An AH3 record !!!
The hare Napoleon Bony Part in fluent French told us all about the trail - set in Orange flour - flat - short - champagne stop - and off we went.

Around all the highways and byways of that portion of Halkida on the mainland. And it was hilly and for those not colour-blind the flour looked the usual blue !!

Eventually all - including the walkers arrived at the partly ruined castle overlooking the city where the champagne stop was scheduled. But alas none - rumour had it that the walkers had scoffed it prior to the pack arriving. Certainly certain of the walkers were noticeable by their unwillingness to climb up the battlements to have a group photo taken- they included Leanover, Scrubber and Doggy Style - Clit got half way up then made excuses!!

And then down the hill on way back to the start - we all saw the water speed under the old bridge - how many knots we all had a guess - the majority reckoned in excess 10 !!  But no-one knew the exact speed.

Then back along the old disused railway track alongside the water front and eventually reached the start.
The circle was noted for the christening of Clits new souped-up Citroen . Down down were given to so many - the 3 virgins said they were enjoying the day and would return.

Doggy Style received her 100th award . Fair Cop for being late.

Napoleon received a Veterans Tee. The committee thought setting one run by him was the equivalent of setting the usual 5 runs by the rest of us.  Enough said!!!
Then off to the Taverna  and everyone bar Mountain Goat went  -  An AH3 record.
And a superb Taverna - location  - food  - the wine - the company  and cheapness.

So all were in no hurry to depart for the longish trip down south.
PS - it just shows how an completely new location makes all us hashers keen to attend. For Mt Goat reckoned in all the decades he has hashed with Athens never has there been a normal weekday  hash so far north up in Halkida!!