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We got it all organised in good time and all agreed where to meet and used the metro like everyone told us to. We had a nice surprise when the guy at the metro waved away our offer to buy tickets and said that we could go for free…..not strictly true as we had only paid the lowest fee and did not get all the goodies including the free pass….but luckily no one checked ….and anyway we could outrun them all as we had all been training….some of us for more than a week….


 We were out to set a good example to the members of the running fraternity. You know the types…fit looking buggers with posh trainers and micro lite fibre track suits with electronic leads fitted to every orifice to check their performance and body temperature at 10 second intervals.


We were joining them in an official running event to put the record straight. The ATHENS HASH HOUSE HARRIERS actually do some running occasionally and often have a beer or two before, during and after our events and have only had one fatality…so far…..


We asked for volunteers to encourage new members to join our special training camps of elbow bending, lip pursing and sucking gently, breathing through nose and swallow swallow swallow……that accompany any professional despatch of a DIO


Us running hashers lined up in some semblance of disorder…. We had Born Free and a friend, F2 and daughter Jayne plus boyfriend, Rear Entry, Strawberry Foreskin, Scarlet PimperKnickers, and Maddog. I saw a few others on the way round and an odd ON ON was heard to bounce off the buildings of Katehaki when we turned at the half way point. As we came into the stadium we had more hash support from Clitoria MBE , Fair Cop , Black Mamba and Prickly Bush and Hamish McTavish Esq. Even Oxymoron said he was there and we have to believe him as he is such a slightly built individual we probably missed his sylvan tones in the mob. Bookmaker and myself crossed the line together in an excess of emotion and would have expected to be roundly punished for it in the circle……mmm more training needed in that department too it seems….


In the meantime back at the recruitment drive….


Men-in-Gitis did a sterling job of giving out AHHH cards to any girl he fancied in the slightest….over 300 cards disappeared that way. Bookmaker took up a stance at the entry and exit point and thrust cards willy nilly into runners hands….scaring half of them to death, as he looked like he had a terminal skin disease having forgotten to rub in the sun cream. Myself I aimed at a captive audience and before the run targeted the toilet queues and after the run went up and down the stands where exhausted runners had sat to get the shoes off their blisters.


Who knows where this may lead? I met a few individuals that had heard of the Hash…but didn’t know there was one in Athens….. or had heard of the Hash but had decided to save it for a later stage in their running careers…next week perhaps??!… or had heard of the Hash and shouted loudly to their mates that here was one of the idiots that thought you could DRINK and RUN hahahahahA! I would have polished off a DIO to prove it but unfortunately the Hash had decided to decamp to unknown positions on the wrong side of the stadium and not one of the non running hashers had thought to buy a few beers from the periptero…..oh dear so we had proved the running bit but had fallen down on the drinking element of our training session for the ‘real runners’…..shame on us….I suggest we balance up the equation and spend all next week practicing our drinking.


That way when we have a mega turnout on next week’s Hash we can show them the ultimate skill of any AHHHer….running with a FUCK OFF HANGOVER…over here for the advanced puking class…..you can sometimes achieve a good hurl without breaking the rhythm……I should know as  a very experienced hurler ( see corroborative evidence  Aegina Island Weekend).


ON ON to a MOUNTAIN GOAT trail in surprisingly enough VARIMBOBI