Location  - Aegina Port
Date -  21st Oct
Start  - 12 noon
Hare -  Self Service
Scribe - Hamish Mctavish Esq.

The infamous 7 plus 1 virgin Aegina Harriette ran off at speed from the small sandy beach adjacent to the port
Weather was fabulous - a slight breeze - very sunny - temp mid 20s so not too hot to run at speed - and not one Athens Hasher came for the day !!  All wimps???
Boy George sent his apologies all the way from California
Off the pack roared - Preston Pete in the lead with Playboy 2 close behind .
At the first check Napoleon Bony Part went off on his own so the Hare had to sprint for a couple of Ks to catch him so he could continue with the pack.
And off through the highways and byways  of Aegina.
Hamish acted as Champagne carrier so when ever a hashman thursty a crystal glass of  iced Champagne was available
Finally the champagne stop at the hare's house.
S4S disgraced himself by drinking 4 glasses as if beer.
Leanover said no to the champagne !! _ had drunk too much the nite before celebrating the Yappie win.
Then with much calling off the pack roared - down through Playboys massive garden then along the shoreline to the start and more welcome champagne
An adjacent Pommie family looked on in amazement at our antics on the beach . Their bikini clad daughters demanded a glass of champagne which Playboy 2 was more than happy to give to them esp as it involved a close quarter involvment!!!!
In the absence of any AH3 Committee member S4S acted as GM , RA etc etc . He decreed NO usual 3 euro fee this week - with noone to argue passed unanimously 
Downdowns were awarded to himself - he was getting a fondness for the champagne !! The Hare Self Service got a down down - but only beer.   Napoleon Bony Part got one for his fab run as hare at Tolo last month
S4S and PP went for a swim no doubt hoping the bikini clad maidens would join them in a frolic - but no luck.
And then off to the Taverna  - not Ippokambos but one on the beach near the port - a fab lunch at only 13 euro
And that endith the run report.
Ps But why noone from AH3 for the Day ?? After all Napoleon Bony Part came down from Halkida, Preston Pete from Preston , Hamish from Glyfada - but noone from Athens itself !!